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  1. Mvtt70

    B. vagans and C. darlingi females Unboxing

    YouTube upload of my B. vagans and C. darlingi females being unboxed and housed. More T videos on the way, my collection includes some pretty amazing species so if you want to subscribe for future uploads I'd appreciate it. Thanks!
  2. B

    New and nervous!

    Hi from Colorado! I am the relatively new parent of greenbottle blue. She is my first ever T and I love her! I got her from a shop so I can't be sure how old she is but she's definitely still growing. I have gone from feeding her one cricket a week to two or three after her last molt and I just...
  3. Vial Creatures

    US FREE SHIPPING mm/mf/slings

    VIAL CREATURES ::of the Hairy Mob District:: Freebie Options Pumpkin Patch || P regalis FREE SHIPPING @ $75 and up. Place your order by 6.13.18 Not to discriminate, though some restrictions MAY apply to zip codes beginning with 33-34, 75-79, 85-92. Please inquire...
  4. Gunnies Spiders

    US AFs C.Perezmilesi,H.Sp Klein,Versi,slings etc!

    For sale: A Few Gems! AF Cyriocosmus Perezmilesi 2” 3 years old. Recently molted female in pic! $125 (2 others available) AF Hapalopus Sp Klein 2.5” 3+ years old...Max size! $100 (2 available) Caribeña Versicolor 1.75” Unsexed...Nice sized! Awesome colors $55 Limited Supply!!! Not...