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  1. C

    Ruptured abdomen on sling?

    I just noticed this on one of my Caribena versicolor slings (pic below) and I'm suspecting it's an injury? The brown color puts me off, so I'm here to ask for your opinion. And if it is an injury, what do you think this one's chances of survival are? I must note that as of now I didn't notice...
  2. Oredhel

    Grammostola pulchripes

    Hello! This is a feeding video of my first Grammostola pulchripes sling. Wasn't able to record the take down, she was too fast for me. XD I'm a new keeper (this is my second sling, i also own a t albo) and i love this forum, i'm learning a lot. Thank you all for sharing your experience and...
  3. Oredhel

    My first Sling =)

    Hello everyone! This is my first attempt to "rehouse" (not really a rehouse, just had to take her out for some maintenance at the enclosure). This is my very first sling, i'm starting with a T albo and she is doing great. Greetings from Argentina! =)
  4. C versicolor

    C versicolor

    Pretty baby
  5. Sericopelma sp santa catalina

    Sericopelma sp santa catalina

  6. remington

    Odd dark spot on sling's carapace

    When I first got this B albiceps sling, it had this dark spot on its carapace. I assumed it was just a speck of dirt, so I didn't think much of it. A month and a half later, it is still there, and upon inspecting it more closely it does not look like dirt. Anybody know what this is or what could...
  7. remington

    B albiceps sling looking thinner, not eating

    I got a 1/2 inch B albiceps sling roughly three weeks ago. I keep it in a top ventilated 50 dram vial filled halfway with sub. It has a hide, moss, and a water dish. Half the sub is kept lightly moist. I see it moving around sometimes, just yesterday I caught it grooming near the water dish...
  8. C versicolor

    C versicolor

    Lil' blueberry
  9. Olios giganteus i4 sling

    Olios giganteus i4 sling

    Recently molted
  10. remington

    B albiceps sling help

    Hi everyone. I picked up my second tarantula today (B albiceps) and realized that it was a lot smaller than I was expecting. When I got my first T, it was advertised as being 1/2". So I went for that size again, expecting it to be roughly the same. This sling is tiny. I think it's probably...
  11. G pulchra

    G pulchra

    Almost flipped over while tackling the roach lol
  12. G pulchra

    G pulchra

    New addition
  13. C darlingi

    C darlingi

    New addition
  14. H villosella

    H villosella

    New addition
  15. remington

    Share your before/after molt pictures

    I would love to see some of your before and after photos if y'all have any :) I don't have any, as my single sling has not yet molted in my care! :( But I will add my own to this thread when she finally does.
  16. C versicolor

    C versicolor

    Took some pics while rehousing
  17. O philippinus

    O philippinus

  18. remington

    Feeding a new sling

    Hello all, After months of deliberation, I have finally acquired my first tarantula. It’s a B hamorii that’s about a half inch, I would say. Its abdomen is bigger than I expected it would be, and now I’m squarely conflicted on whether to feed it or wait a week or two. I need some more seasoned...
  19. PXL_20211107_214256928.jpg


    Gorgeous Lasiodorides polycuspulatus sling.