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  1. Phidippus californicus

    Phidippus californicus

    Mature male dorsal shot showing eyepatches and colors
  2. Phidippus nikites 'neon orange'

    Phidippus nikites 'neon orange'

    This male had escaped and was found outside with a wound on his head- i think he tried to court an audax or johnsoni and got nipped on the head. She's absolutely bursting with eggs!
  3. Phidippus apacheanus 'brown'

    Phidippus apacheanus 'brown'

    Apache jumpers are strange- this population is full of huge specimens, yet another area nearby is full of tiny specimens that never reach 15mm. At any rate i'll have lots of eggsacs next year.. @_@ good thing i have a perpetual fruitfly harvest :D
  4. Phidippus ardens

    Phidippus ardens

    Mature female This specimen far more greatly resembles johnsoni- identification was made easy by having these specimen as an immature.
  5. Phidippus ardens

    Phidippus ardens

    Mature female The name 'ardens' is a reference to these spiders resembling a burning cinder with ash or soot. They are similar to johnsoni but unrelated and are closer to apacheanus, females often have striking high-contrast patterning.
  6. Phidippus californicus

    Phidippus californicus

    Mature males are beautiful and high-contrast with yellow/orange/red coloration- somewhat like a mix of clarus and audax
  7. P. aureus i2 slings

    P. aureus i2 slings

    There was a point where i thought 200 slings were a headache to rear. Now i long for such a small number. i'm gonna be rearing like 3,000+ slings next year. i might as well tie bags of fruit onto me and become a walking fruitfly culture at this point :\
  8. Golden tufted jumper guarding brood

    Golden tufted jumper guarding brood

    This P. aureus is old and cant scale smooth stuff well anymore and has made a sheet-style eggsac- allowing me to watch the development- which is really cool because you're generally not allowed to see this!
  9. Phidippus ardens 'normal'

    Phidippus ardens 'normal'

    Penultimate female. She looks like a 'standard' common ardens form but could end up maturing way different looking.
  10. Phidippus ardens 'Trimaculata form' female

    Phidippus ardens 'Trimaculata form' female

    Yes I made that name up. It works though. Latin for 'Three-spotted' A strange morph of ardens mostly black. reminds me of the fused spot variation of audax a bit.
  11. Phidippus nikites 'Headlights'

    Phidippus nikites 'Headlights'

    I will probably hold onto this female, get a brood from her with a yellow male, and backcross the better looking offspring. If i can intensify the black on the abdomen and head it'll really make those spots stand out more.
  12. Phidippus apacheanus

    Phidippus apacheanus

    Macro of a mature male showing his beautiful fiery orange scales
  13. Menemerus bivittatus

    Menemerus bivittatus

    Adventive from the old world, has spread throughout the southern states. Originally lithophiles, has become a 'wall jumper' in urban habitats Both sexes are beautifully marked with bold black stripes. Very agile and fast.
  14. Phidippus carneus 'montivagus'

    Phidippus carneus 'montivagus'

    'Carnal Jumper' mature male Need to get this charming fellow a lady asap!
  15. Phidippus johnsoni 'gold'

    Phidippus johnsoni 'gold'

    This specimen's population is quite distinct and is from an isolated area.
  16. Phidippus californicus

    Phidippus californicus

    Penultimate female
  17. Phidippus californicus

    Phidippus californicus

    A really high intense red on this female. Ill be eager to cross her with a nice male. Should make even redder babies :P
  18. Phidippus californicus 'water droplet on head and left leg form'

    Phidippus californicus 'water droplet on head and left leg form'

    Lol she was walking around like a drunk.
  19. Phidippus aureus

    Phidippus aureus

    'Golden tufted jumper' 4th instar sling
  20. Phidippus aureus

    Phidippus aureus

    Golden tufted jumper i4 sling