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  1. Phidippus tux penultimate female

    Phidippus tux penultimate female

    These guys are getting very yellow, i cant wait to see them as mature.
  2. Phidippus tux penultimate male

    Phidippus tux penultimate male

    Almost there!
  3. vakusdrake

    US Captive Reared Albuquerque slings: Phidippus Johnsoni, and Phidippus Carneus slings for $20 as well as older Phidippus Comatus slings for $25.

    The pregnant mothers were caught locally in Albuquerque. The slings were born in captivity and start losing their instinctive fear of people pretty quickly, such that the oldest Phidippus Comatus slings have no fear of humans and like to use my hand as a jungle gym. I made a free wiz website...
  4. Phidippus aureus i6

    Phidippus aureus i6

    Getting more color
  5. Phidippus aureus i6

    Phidippus aureus i6

    Big enough to catch mini mealworms now.
  6. Phidippus aureus

    Phidippus aureus

    I6- starting to assume adult colors
  7. MBullock

    US CBCB Golden Jumper juv. unsexed

    'Golden Jumper' (phidippus aureus) Captive-bred, captive-born juv. for $65.00 ea A rare species not commonly available in the hobby, adult females have a beautiful golden orange/yellow color LAG- All animals guaranteed to arrive alive and healthy or money back (minus shipping cost cant...
  8. Phidippus asotus

    Phidippus asotus

    Finally paired these two! It took forever!!
  9. Phidippus aureus i5

    Phidippus aureus i5

    Getting bigger! The blonde hairs over the iridescent scales makes them look like lil gold nuggets. One more molt and these guys will be able to eat mini mealworms
  10. Phidippus asotus

    Phidippus asotus

    Mature female. Note the diamond mark on the head.
  11. Phidippus californicus

    Phidippus californicus

  12. Phidippus audax

    Phidippus audax

    Instar 6 imm.
  13. Phidippus tux

    Phidippus tux

    Might be a male. Not sure. Cant tell until maturity.
  14. Phidippus audax

    Phidippus audax

    I5 imm.
  15. Phidippus californicus

    Phidippus californicus

    Mature male dorsal shot showing eyepatches and colors
  16. Phidippus nikites 'neon orange'

    Phidippus nikites 'neon orange'

    This male had escaped and was found outside with a wound on his head- i think he tried to court an audax or johnsoni and got nipped on the head. She's absolutely bursting with eggs!
  17. Phidippus apacheanus 'brown'

    Phidippus apacheanus 'brown'

    Apache jumpers are strange- this population is full of huge specimens, yet another area nearby is full of tiny specimens that never reach 15mm. At any rate i'll have lots of eggsacs next year.. @[email protected] good thing i have a perpetual fruitfly harvest :D
  18. Phidippus ardens

    Phidippus ardens

    Mature female This specimen far more greatly resembles johnsoni- identification was made easy by having these specimen as an immature.
  19. Phidippus ardens

    Phidippus ardens

    Mature female The name 'ardens' is a reference to these spiders resembling a burning cinder with ash or soot. They are similar to johnsoni but unrelated and are closer to apacheanus, females often have striking high-contrast patterning.
  20. Phidippus californicus

    Phidippus californicus

    Mature males are beautiful and high-contrast with yellow/orange/red coloration- somewhat like a mix of clarus and audax