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  1. Phidippus aureus

    Phidippus aureus

    Mating pair.
  2. Secret phidippus sp.

    Secret phidippus sp.

    They're getting bigger. this is the fourth instar, i presume. they were collected approx. at i3
  3. Phidippus californicus

    Phidippus californicus

    A highly variable species, Californicus was once considered to be six or more different species due to their wide array of colors and dorsal patterns before the 2004 revision to the genus Phidippus, which has rendered many names to be synonyms of other species already known.
  4. MBullock

    US Phidippus Johnsoni, nikites, apacheanus now available!

    Shipping is only done via FedEx priority overnight express or standard priority overnight. The general costs are $50-55 per box but may be more if you purchase a large order. Domestic ONLY! I strongly suggest you have any specimen(s) shipped to a FedEx dangerous goods shipping facility...
  5. Phidippus audax bryantae female

    Phidippus audax bryantae female

    She is currently sitting on egg sac #2
  6. Phidippus whitmani male

    Phidippus whitmani male

    The males are more vibrant red-orange than the females.
  7. P. whitmani nest with egg sac

    P. whitmani nest with egg sac

    My female finally dropped an egg sac
  8. Phidippus whitmani female

    Phidippus whitmani female

    Gravid female
  9. secret phidippus

    secret phidippus

    one of eight specimens collected. hopefully at least one is a male! Cannot release the name til i get some brood going :P
  10. Colored pencils complete

    Colored pencils complete

    I went a little overboard on the fuzz but still looks good to me lol Phidippus nikites mature female. Will probably draw the male next.
  11. Phidippus Preliminary Pencils

    Phidippus Preliminary Pencils

    gonna take my time with this one!
  12. MBullock

    US Phidippus nikites 'mojave neon' now available!

    unsexed immature pairs- $130 Payment via paypal shipping price varies by box size and dimensional weight. I cannot offer these wholesale, i am sorry. This is a desert loving species that actually loves high heat and dryness. they can go much longer without food or water than other...
  13. Phidippus nikites

    Phidippus nikites

    one of many juveniles. I'll be focusing primarily on salticidae for a while. Will be offering some REALLY cool species soon!
  14. Phidippus nikites 'mojave neon'

    Phidippus nikites 'mojave neon'

    Caught a whopping 22 p. Nikites, along with 6 beautiful P. Californicus (not pictured)
  15. M

    Not a Tarantula, but can someone sex my juvenile Regius?

    Hi, I’m new here so please forgive me if I’m doing it wrong. I got this beautiful gray Regius at a reptile expo last weekend. My breeder said that its a male, and I usually trust her judgement, but I’m having doubts. What do you think?
  16. MBullock


    Tarantulas, Scorpions, Jumping spiders, trapdoor spiders, true spiders -LOCATED IN ANAHEIM, CA! Can Deliver anywhere in CA- For distances of 7 miles or less from me, delivery is free! For distances greater than 7 miles, there is a delivery charge of $4 per mile traveled to your location...
  17. phidippus nikites instar 5

    phidippus nikites instar 5

    upon the final 3 molts it will dramatically increase in size.
  18. Phidippus regius (soroa)

    Phidippus regius (soroa)

    Colored pencil, based off a photo I took of one of my new slings. Her name is Anansi
  19. Phidippus adumbratus

    Phidippus adumbratus

    If there is a rule against posting artwork lemme know. Drew this based of a photograph of my girl Anne. Colored Pencil and Ink.
  20. phidippus nikites instar 4

    phidippus nikites instar 4

    starting to develop orange color