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US Phidippus Johnsoni, nikites, apacheanus now available!


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Shipping is only done via FedEx priority overnight express or standard priority overnight.
The general costs are $50-55 per box but may be more if you purchase a large order. Domestic ONLY!

I strongly suggest you have any specimen(s) shipped to a FedEx dangerous goods shipping facility.

Please note that i do NOT use heat or cold packs. You must report DOA within 5 hours. (see bottom for more info)

Total order must be at least $80 please note that i pay part of your shipping costs for future reference!

Just a few more sales until i can offer 5.00% off all shipping costs!

Jumping spiders:

Phidippus nikites
'Victory Jumper- Mojave neon'- $65 ea - 14 available
Phidippus johnsoni 'Johnson jumper'- $45 ea- 11 available
Phidippus apacheanus 'Apache jumper'- $55 ea- 15 available
Phidippus audax 'Bold Jumper' CB slings unsexed- $20 ea

Smaller-sized jumper genera/species:

Menemerus bivittatus
'Two-banded wall-jumper'- $45.00 per Male/female pair
Metaphidippus chera 'Dear jumper'- $20.00 juv/adults

all phidippus are unsexed juveniles except for apacheanus which can be sexed easily.


Hogna carolinensis
'Tucson' Carolina wolf spider adult female- $40.00
Hogna coloradensis 'cochise' Colorado wolf spider adult female- $45.00
Geolycosa gosoga 'Blue earth wolf' adults- $55.00
Olios giganteus 'Giant Crab Spider' CBCB slings- $20 ea


All sales are final unless DOA occurs, in which case a replacement will be sent to you, or you will be refunded. (you must pay shipping)
I cannot refund you the shipping cost, only reimbursement or replacement of the deceased specimen(s)
Unboxing video required for LAG. NO EXCEPTIONS. Everyone has a phone capable of video, no excuses will be accepted!

Shipping is done via FedEx priority overnight/ priority overnight express only and costs $50-55 but may be higher depending on dimensional weight of box.

LAG 'Live-Animal-Guarantee' All specimens are guaranteed to arrive alive or you will either be reimbursed minus shipping costs or your specimen will be replaced (you must pay shipping) You must report DOA within 5 hours of the estimated delivery time. Failure to report the DOA within this time-frame voids any responsibility i have for reimbursement or refund. Failure to provide unboxing video (you MUST record yourself breaking the seal- No excuses!) also voids aforementioned responsibilities listed above.

A deposit of 50% of the total cost of items you wish held for you is REQUIRED. No ifs ands or buts. I do not tolerate time-wasters!
I collect EVERYTHING myself, and this costs me time and money. I refuse to let someone troll me and waste my time. Otherwise, dont bother asking for me to hold anything!

TRADES: I do not accept trades unless you have rare phids i dont have. I'm not interested in bryantae audax, but i DO accept Fused-spot Audax.


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There was an error above i didnt see until now- shipments must be at least $65 not $80. My apologies!

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