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  1. M

    Not a Tarantula, but can someone sex my juvenile Regius?

    Hi, I’m new here so please forgive me if I’m doing it wrong. I got this beautiful gray Regius at a reptile expo last weekend. My breeder said that its a male, and I usually trust her judgement, but I’m having doubts. What do you think?
  2. M


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  3. phidippus nikites instar 5

    phidippus nikites instar 5

    upon the final 3 molts it will dramatically increase in size.
  4. Phidippus regius (soroa)

    Phidippus regius (soroa)

    Colored pencil, based off a photo I took of one of my new slings. Her name is Anansi
  5. Phidippus adumbratus

    Phidippus adumbratus

    If there is a rule against posting artwork lemme know. Drew this based of a photograph of my girl Anne. Colored Pencil and Ink.
  6. phidippus nikites instar 4

    phidippus nikites instar 4

    starting to develop orange color
  7. Phidippus californicus high desert morph

    Phidippus californicus high desert morph

    This morph is seldom seen, the thick conspicuous black edge along the anterior rim of the carapace is a way to distinguish this from the similarly colored high desert morph of nikites.
  8. Adumbratus


    phidippus adumbratus coming home. Mature female
  9. adumbratus11.jpg


    Phiddipus adumbratus female
  10. phidippus nikites

    phidippus nikites

    instar-3 spiderling actual size- 3mm
  11. P. nikites i3 sling

    P. nikites i3 sling

    this species is highly variable
  12. M

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    US Victory jumpers now available, and more!

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  14. yatesmrs

    US Chromatus and Regius

    I have n chromatus slings, p texanus and p regius jumping spiders. Everyone is $15 each plus shipping. Right now, I am only shipping to/from good weather. * Shipping is ONLY Fedex Overnight/2 day. * If you're in/near Houston, I won't ship - only pick up. * I only Venmo and PayPal, but will...
  15. Phidippus nikites pairing

    Phidippus nikites pairing

    success! will have slings available!
  16. Phidippus californicus

    Phidippus californicus

    California jumper mature female
  17. Phidippus audax pre-courtship

    Phidippus audax pre-courtship

    A little-known fact about this species is that males will actually begin courting penultimate females, and will remain nearby until she molts- warding off other males all the while.
  18. Phidippus audax

    Phidippus audax

    Bold Jumper mature male
  19. Phidippus johnsoni

    Phidippus johnsoni

    Redback Jumper
  20. Phidippus apacheanus

    Phidippus apacheanus

    apache jumper mature female