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  1. dezzypooo1345

    Is my Shelob okay?

    Hello I’m pretty new to this forum, I have a female (I think) Theraphosa stirmi. Her name is Shelob (or Shelly). I’ve had her for about 7 months and got her as a juvenile. She stopped taking food about 2 or 3 months ago. Since that time I’ve left her alone and made sure she has water in her...
  2. E

    My juvenile t hasn’t molted in 4 months

    Hii, I have a juvenile pamphobeteus sp. Machala who has not been sexed yet. I’ve had her since November of last year and she lives in a 2 gallon- I’m worried because she hasn’t molted in a while, and she’s mainly stationary in her enclosure, I mist it twice a day and she didn’t take the last...
  3. W

    White raised bump on bald spot

    My T. Stirmi’s bald spot has grown large over the last 2 months and just recently a slightly raised white spot has formed. Is she in pre molt or is this a cause for concern? I was afraid she might have fallen from the top of her enclosure and gotten “bruised”.
  4. Andy.rasmussen14

    Looking to for advise to rehouse 300 baby curlys.

    Hello all, My roomate bought a Curlyhair tarantula from a pet store and it laid an eggsac. We thought it would be a dud when we cut it open (45days after she laid it) but we found about 300 1st instar tarantulas. We do not feel good about freezing them. Is there anyone who is willing to take...
  5. M

    HELP dying tarantula

    Hi everyone, I shipped my tarantula across the country as I have just moved. I bought a 50 dollar kit and did everything I was supposed to do (from research) but it didn't go well. FedEx clearly threw her around and when I opened her up she was not moving. She is not in a death curl but does not...
  6. P

    I'm getting my first tarantula, i need help.

    Hi, i'm new to this forum. i'm getting my first tarantula soon (mexican red knee) and i need help finding the right enclosure for it. I need to know if this terrarium i found online is alright, in terms of size, ventilation, etc
  7. alicia lol

    do blue death feigning beetles hibernate in winter?

    hey uh my 4 beetles have been very inactive lately and are sleeping all day, are they dead? or are they hibernating? HELP??!
  8. MavenMasterly

    Tiny Bald Bean who hasn’t molted in months!

    Hello everyone, I have had Tula my Mexican curly haired tarantula for about 2 years now. I purchased Tula from a website called Jaime’s Tarantula’s as a juvenile tarantula. My plan is to raise them into adulthood and enjoy my fuzzy pet. however I am concerned at the rate of growth for Tula...
  9. Jes

    Help! Bugs found in my GBB enclosure!

    Hi Guys! I just got my very first tarantula last month which is a very very pretty GBB sling. Today, while I was looking at her enclosure, I found a bunch of small black/gray bugs(video attached) feasting on what appears to be the leftovers of the dubia roach I fed her yesterday. I don't think...
  10. ResuemJuli

    Marketplace label fh

    I recently found a nice site where exotic animals (Most importantly Tarantulas) are sold and there are some private sellers close to me so i theoretically could go and pick them up. The Ts are not labeled in Cm most of the Time but in Fh or Nz. For example: 0.0.10 T. Albopilosum 3.fh What Size...
  11. T

    Goliath Bird Eater

    Hey guys, So I got this girl off of craigslist and the owner said that she was abused. I've had her for about a month and she isn't eating and doesn't move a lot. when I try to get her to eat she'll walk away and hiss while she walks. Any pointers to help her out? Also any idea what species she is?
  12. Cavity

    Is this okay??

    Hey guys, I just got a new pink toe a couple days ago. I just noticed the T to be curling up one leg like a death curl but no other legs do this. When I lift the lid the T goes back into a normal stance. Is it just chilling like that or should I be worried? It hasn’t eaten yet but im guessing...
  13. A

    Considering First Tarantula?

    So I love all animals! Even tarantulas (to my mother disgust even tho I’m an adult, haha). I really want to get my first tarantula..... but for the life of me I can’t stop eyeing the elusive, gorgeous, cobalt blue (C. Lividum). OKAY, away from that pipe dream. I know C. Lividum aren’t...
  14. J

    I suspect my GBB has been infested with mold. PLEASE HELP

    My year and a half or so old Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens has been doing quite fine for awhile but 3 or 4 days ago I found mold in it's enclosure. I made a stupid decision by putting small wooden statues in the new home I gave it 2 months ago. The mold appeared on both small statues. I...
  15. M

    Is something wrong with my tarantula?

    Can someone please tell me if my tarantula is ok? Shes been in this position for at least two hours. She seems weak and has not really moved a bunch. Yesterday she was flat up against the wood chips. Now shes half way up on the piece of wood. She has not ate for a couple weeks.
  16. I

    Hey guys need some advice please!

    I own a poecilotheria metallica and it s molting third time now, just what finished i hope everything went fine. After secound molting i noticed at two of his legs more exactly at the end of them where are this things like pillow wich climbs with them they are just missing man:( it is gone be...