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  1. U

    AF Cobalt Blue (Cyriopagopus Lividus)

    I’ve Had my colbalt for about 8 months now she is in a large enclosure with semi moist substrate , water dish and hide / starter burrow. But ever since I’ve had her she just seems restless she’s molted once in my care all good and eats occasionally. She seems to act more like an arboreal...
  2. W

    US Tarantulas Still available for Rehoming

    Hey guys as I’m having to downsize my tarantula collection I have the following Tarantulas and slings available for sale, I’m trying to price them lower than their market value and if anyone is interested in buying groups of Ts I’d be happy to give discounts as well for those local to Richmond...
  3. Vial Creatures

    US Mature Females + Well Started Slings

    UNSEXED Caribena versicolor .5” 2022 | 3/$75 | 50/$500....................$30 Caribena versicolor 2” 2021 | 3 for $130..............................$55 C sp. Vietnam Blue 2.5” 2021......................................................$40 Ephebopus cyanognathus 1.5”...
  4. W

    US Shrinking my collection

    I am located in Richmond VA and will happily do local pickup but I can also do overnight shipping or two day shipping via fedex as well, though I’d only offer live arrival guarantee with overnight shipping. I have the following Ts available Tarantulas: A Avicularia Probable female A iodius...
  5. H maculata

    H maculata

    Finally got a female of my dream species!
  6. Caribena versicolor phantom sac

    Caribena versicolor phantom sac

    Had this little lady for 5+ months and never paired her. Pretty sure she's just sitting on a dream
  7. Isaac

    T apophysis 4"

    Theraphosa apophysis 4". Looking for confirmation on sex.
  8. Nhandu carapoensis

    Nhandu carapoensis

    My big girl, Octavia. Really trying to work on my photography
  9. H himalayana

    H himalayana

    Munchy Munchy
  10. T

    US Green Bottle Blue For Sale

    80% confident this is a female. I have not sexed it via molt but this GBB will be 2 years old in June and there are no physical signs of it being a male. This T is roughly 4 inches when sprawled out. It's my first Tarantula, I'm just not interested in keeping it anymore and think it should go...
  11. A chalcodes

    A chalcodes

    Big chelicerae
  12. 5cm Acanthoscurria geniculata confirmed female

    5cm Acanthoscurria geniculata confirmed female

    Came in to the room...Saw tarantula making molting mat...gently loosened lid...few minutes later tarantula flipped...took pictures...snatched molt a few hours after tarantula was upright...FEMALE!!!
  13. Tlitocatl albopilosus female

    Tlitocatl albopilosus female

    She's awaiting her Nicaraguan prince
  14. A chalcodes

    A chalcodes

    Having a munch, surprisingly a really good eater.
  15. C versicolor female and her golf ball

    C versicolor female and her golf ball

    Sac spotted 10/10/2021. Feeling cute, might pull today.
  16. Keymond69

    l.parahybana Male or Female please ?

    Please help! Male or female?
  17. louroque

    US Xenesthis intermedia (Juvenile Female) Local (Fl.) and Shipping available

    Good afternoon to all. The item for Sale: Xenesthis intermedia: $300.00 I have been thinning out my collection over the course of the last 8-10 months. Although I have given away the vast majority locally (95%), I will be selling some (mostly females) to offset the cost of not only those I...
  18. Fuzzy wuzzy

    Fuzzy wuzzy

    Tlitocatl albopilosus female fresh after molting
  19. Hamorii's new clothes

    Hamorii's new clothes

    Shhh, don't tell her she's naked
  20. Curly hair just don't care

    Curly hair just don't care

    usually skittish, T albopilosus Nicaraguan female with a cricket tolerates my camera and I