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  1. C versicolor female and her golf ball

    C versicolor female and her golf ball

    Sac spotted 10/10/2021. Feeling cute, might pull today.
  2. Keymond69

    l.parahybana Male or Female please ?

    Please help! Male or female?
  3. louroque

    US Xenesthis intermedia (Juvenile Female) Local (Fl.) and Shipping available

    Good afternoon to all. The item for Sale: Xenesthis intermedia: $300.00 I have been thinning out my collection over the course of the last 8-10 months. Although I have given away the vast majority locally (95%), I will be selling some (mostly females) to offset the cost of not only those I...
  4. Fuzzy wuzzy

    Fuzzy wuzzy

    Tlitocatl albopilosus female fresh after molting
  5. Hamorii's new clothes

    Hamorii's new clothes

    Shhh, don't tell her she's naked
  6. Curly hair just don't care

    Curly hair just don't care

    usually skittish, T albopilosus Nicaraguan female with a cricket tolerates my camera and I
  7. Regius Otiosus Hybrid

    Regius Otiosus Hybrid

    Adult Female
  8. Regius Otiosus Hybrid

    Regius Otiosus Hybrid

    Adult Female
  9. M balfouri female and hatchlings

    M balfouri female and hatchlings

    Acquired her having been paired back in May and yesterday I noticed all these 1i and 2i slings in her webbing. Yay!
  10. C marshalli

    C marshalli

  11. C

    Male or Female?

    Hello! this is my freshly molted brachypelma hamorii sling. is it a male or a female? if anyone can already tell thanks
  12. Michu

    U.K. Females and pair (UK)

    All females tarantulas collection for sale. Sizes as on pictures Collection only in Dartford DA1 (UK). NO POSTING - please don't ask I don't have a possibility to post. 1. Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens GBB 45 juv female 2. Tiltocatl albopilosus adult 30 3. Pseudoclamoris gigas young adult 35 4...
  13. hj20matl

    Just some of the babes

    Who runs the world?
  14. L. polycuspulatus juvenile female

    L. polycuspulatus juvenile female

    L. polycuspulatus juvenile female measuring around 3” DLS.
  15. M

    Anyone in Oklahoma?

    Hello, I'm selling 3 tarantulas: 1. Burgundy goliath with 20 gallon. 2. Gooty sapphire ornamental with terrarium. 3. Female colbolt blue with critter keeper. Looking to make space and need to make sure they'll be given a good home. I can only sell them to someone who lives in Oklahoma or...
  16. A

    Sexing M. Balfouri

    I'm an amateur having trouble sexing this M. Balfouri, it destroys all of it's molts. I have one confirmed female not pictured, they are very similar. However she only webs up her little hut not her entire enclosure like this one does. I was wondering if maybe the webbing attached to the short...
  17. S

    US Tarantula T. Albopilosum 4 inches for Sale

    Hello, I unfortunately have to sell my female Tlitlocatl Albopilosum (4 inches) for personal reasons. I would be really happy if she finds a good new owner and therefore don’t really have a fixed price for her. If interested and if you want to have photos please reply or write me a message.
  18. 0.1 P. regalis

    0.1 P. regalis

    P. regalis female I just received today.
  19. Codes

    US Adult female Brachypelma Albopilosum

    Hello, selling my female curly hair. She comes with an entire setup (in pics) last molted in July this year, around 4 1/2 inches, no health issues, bought from the trusted Net-Bug website. $60 for everything. Feel free to ask questions, thanks for looking! Ps- LOCAL PICK UP ONLY, WASHINGTON STATE
  20. NukaMedia Exotics

    Phormictopus auratus "Cuban Bronze" Rehouse Video

    Quick video of me rehousing my juvenile female P. auratus into her new enclosure. One of my favorite species, check it out:D