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Hey all,

(My first post here) I have had my little dude since April 2022. For the past month or so, she had enclosed herself in webbing with a small opening. There has been a round mound in her web for a while and she’s rarely come out.

Nope. I bought her as a captive sub adult and she has never been paired with a male. So of this is an egg sac (picture provided), it is most definitely infertile.

I am wondering though if it is normal for the females to routinely make sacs whether bred or not? Just so I know to expect this from her in the future. She’s my first ever spider (a test to see if handling her, I can move towards a Grammostola Pulcha or a Chromatopelma.) and I did so much research, but this one has thrown me a little. Any help or advice given would be deeply appreciated



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