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chaco golden knee

  1. Q

    Chaco golden knee adult still not sure of sex

    Hi! I’ve had a beautiful Chaco for over 6 years. Want to assume it’s female because of age but discovered male Chacos can live to ten. Males and females look so similar too. I have an old molt, about 2 years or so and still uncertain. Can anyone read this better than I? It’s driving me mad!
  2. Cor

    Cor's Collection

    Here's the kids, updated as new ones arrive. The starter set: Ayla was the first tarantula that I got. She's (they're all going to be referred to as she even if they aren't) a Tililtocatl albopilosus. Her name was briefly Pewbs because I thought it was pretty funny. I still think it's...
  3. Mephala

    MM G. pulchripes

    Hello everyone! I'm brand new to the hobby and have a mature male G. pulchripes that was sold to me as female, but his last molt was yesterday. I don't want to watch him waste away this next year, so I was wondering if anyone has a mature female Chaco and would be willing to take him.
  4. Gurat

    Chaco Golden Knee

    Hi guys, I'm a bit worried at the moment. My Tarantula has not been eating for approx. 8 months now, at first I thought maybe she was fasting, but now 8 months... About a month ago I gave her a roach, at first she didn't do nothing, after she went slowly on the roach, (he was playing dead) and...
  5. Chaco Taco chillaxing

    Chaco Taco chillaxing

    Grammostola pulchripes, rarely on display, caught just hanging out. Just ate yesterday and appears to be entering premolt.
  6. M

    New home has changed my chaco

    I have had my chaco golden knee for over 2years she is a female and has always been a fantastic eater up till aug.... In aug I decided to move her into her new home as she was getting too big for her old home. Since then she hasn't eaten anything and hides away day and night in her new hide. She...
  7. Gurat

    Acting Clumsy

    Hi guys, about 3 weeks or 4 weeks ago i changed my enclosure for my T, bought one EXOTERRA. My T is still acting clumsy, like climbing with the top (mesh) of my enclosure, or sticking to a side, altough she also spends time on the ground as well. She is a chaco golden knee, and she also layed a...
  8. ItsJustDan

    Chaco Golden Knee Sling

    I recently got a chaco golden knee sling in the mail. I did a bit of research about slings here and there specifically for the Gold Knee. I was just wondering if anyone had any tips for the caring of a sling. My main concern is feeding, I bought 1/4 small crickets for it I just wonder if the...
  9. C

    Worried About My Tarantula

    Hey, so I'm a new owner of a Chaco Golden Knee, Goldie, who I've had for about a month now. Since I'm new to tarantula keeping, I may say some wrong things and I apologize. The problem I have is that we have a small piece of bark, maybe about 3x4 inches, with a small hole on top. About 2 weeks...