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  1. T

    Is this possible?

    My husbands curly haired tarantula (female) somehow got into my Mexican red knees enclosure (male) and we missed some of it but she ripped off one of his legs and we rushed to get her out of there as quickly as possible. Anyways we’re here a few months later and she laid an egg sack. Is it...
  2. J

    Canada Tarantulas for sale in kamloops

    I would like to know if anyone in Kamloops BC is breeding/selling tarantulas
  3. M

    Looking for a female d diamantinensis around the la/so cal area

    Hi all, my d diamantinensis male just hooked out and I'm trying to find a local female for a breeding attempt, he's my favorite species and my families favorite in our collection so I'd like to keep it local if possible
  4. LeoGeo

    P Regalis MM Available (MD)

    Hi everyone. Had a P Regalis molt out today and can see the emboli white and red on the pedipalp. I’ve never shipped a tarantula (imported some myself from China with DNR approval…) so I’m a little nervous. If anyone is in the area, I’m happy to swap for a couple PRegalis slings coming from a...
  5. darkwhite

    i just mated my B. Emilia.. Unfortunately after mated My female molt.

    i just mated my pair Brachypelma emilia about around 6 days ago.. unfortunately my Female Emilia Molted.. i know that their last mating was invalid since the sperm was removed along with the old exoskeleton. Can i mate them again? what are the signs that i can use my Male again on her? When and...
  6. M

    Looking for someone in so cal with a female Holothele Norte Del Santander

    I have a male that hooked out this morning, looking for someone local with a female that would be interested in a breeding attempt. Not interested in shipping as I'd like to try and keep the little guy around since he's a personal favorite
  7. What a difference a day makes

    What a difference a day makes

    Avicularia avicularia sac, pulled after 60 days, incubated a week
  8. MBullock

    Solifugae can double-clutch!

    Apparently, solifugae can lay more than one clutch! One of my female eremobates Sp. survived one clutch and is developing more eggs again. As i work with them more, and more, i'm figuring out that the most people studying them dont seem to be making many behavioral studies and are more...
  9. ta122

    US Trades?

    I'm in search of a mature or nearly mature 0.1 Citharacanthus cyaneus and <2" 1.0 Haploclastus devamatha. Possible trades: 5" 0.1 Omothymus violaceopes 5" 0.1 Phormictopus sp. dominican purple 2.5" 3.0 Poecilotheria miranda 2.5-3" 1.0 Harpactira pulchripes 1-1.5" 0.0.2 Poecilotheria metcallica
  10. Mom's first sac

    Mom's first sac

    Female avicularia acquired in a trade paired with one of my 4 early-pandemic avic males (now a MM)
  11. W

    US Looking for female Poecilotheria Miranda

    Hello, I am looking for a female pokie miranda as soon as possible. I am located in the U.S. I have a mature male, so his time is limited. Thank you for your time.
  12. Versicolor ping pong ball

    Versicolor ping pong ball

    C. versicolor female that paired in late July/early August dropped a sac last night
  13. P irminia sac

    P irminia sac

    Pulled 30 days after finding it.
  14. First instar close up

    First instar close up

    Hapalopus sp. Colombia "large" first instar under the microscope. They already have eyes and setae and are climbing the coffee filter sides.
  15. An EWL in the making

    An EWL in the making

    Close up of Avicularia avicularia egg developing into an EWL
  16. First instar pumpkin patch

    First instar pumpkin patch

    Hapalopus sp Colombia "large" are pretty much all ambulatory 1i slings now
  17. Becoming Eggs with Legs

    Becoming Eggs with Legs

    Avicularia avicularia eggs transitioning into EWLs
  18. Avicularia avicularia sac

    Avicularia avicularia sac

    Paired her with the sane male several times between end of March and mid May, today I saw her sitting on a sac
  19. Pumpkin Patch sac

    Pumpkin Patch sac

    H sp Colombia large was paired about 2-3 weeks ago, saw this today
  20. A

    Looking for someone willing to take my newly matured male T. albo!!

    Hello all, so I have just discovered that my T. albo, Bobby, has hooked out! I would really like to send him to someone willing to breed him, and would be willing to send for free (as long as you pay shipping). Not interested in a breeding loan as I don't have the space for anymore T's atm, but...