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brazilian black tarantula

  1. Praelia, Grammostola Pulchra

    Praelia, Grammostola Pulchra

    This is the best image I could get of her without too much disturbance. Just a little nudge to get her out from under her leaves!
  2. Elizabeth_S

    US Looking for G. pulchra Female

    I am searching for a confirmed female G. pulchra of any size, my adorable little sling unfortunately turned out to be male on his last molt, and this is a species I want to keep for a long time. Let me know what you have available! Elizabeth
  3. pavlos

    Brazilian Black Tarantula Transfer Problem

    So i got a new aquarium for my brazilian black T. He is 3 and a half years old. So like all docile Ts, when I was tapping him to his back legs, he was moving forward. Once I took him to my hand, and a lot of times i have changed his dirt which required me taking him out by tapping his back legs...
  4. Xfreedombulletx

    NO LONGER AVAIL: Grammostola pulchra/Brazilian Black STUD

    So, this is my first tarantula, I've had him for 3 years and found out through online researching that his last molt was his "adult" molt and he's a mature tarantula now (my little boy's grown up *tears welling*) in the excitement, I also discovered that he really only has another year to year...