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NO LONGER AVAIL: Grammostola pulchra/Brazilian Black STUD


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So, this is my first tarantula, I've had him for 3 years and found out through online researching that his last molt was his "adult" molt and he's a mature tarantula now (my little boy's grown up *tears welling*) in the excitement, I also discovered that he really only has another year to year and a half or so to live (total devastation). Well now I'm trying to stud him out to help him live his life to the fullest potential that he can, and in lieu of asking for money, I would just want to choose one of the offspring to keep his memory alive. If you have a mature female, please contact me. The photos are a little dated, his leg span is across my hand now. Please help me pimp my spider <3

UPDATE: Ebony's going for a long stag party!


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I need one!

Here is my 10 year old MF:

I've been keeping my eye out for a MM. A friend of mine has one, but we are afraid it might be too old now. I'll shoot you a message to talk about shipping.

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