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brachypelma hamorii

  1. V

    Brachypelma’s ventral sex

    Hi guys, I’m new in the T world. I got my first Ts a week ago, B. hamorii and B. boehmei, and the breeder told me they are 1 year and an half old. I choosed them unsexed. They haven’t molt yet and I was searching online if there were another way to sex them, so I found the ventral sexing...
  2. B

    Smithi or Hamorri

    Was sold as a true Smithi recently. Is it Hamorii or Smithi?
  3. S

    Can you make gender out

    Can u make out the gender by those photos
  4. A

    What sex is my tarantula?

    If someone could tell me please. I hope it’s a she, cuz I called it Phoebe ;c
  5. R

    Mexican red knee

    To early to tell ?
  6. TokeHound

    Tarantula Noob from VA

    Hello! I have Arachnophobia really bad and I came into this Forum for more research. I have awesome news, I bought my first Tarantula today! It's a Brachypelma hamorii, Mexican Red Knee, and I am so excited! It is a sling, which I don't think is recommended to beginner Tarantula keepers (aka...
  7. C

    Male or Female?

    Hello! this is my freshly molted brachypelma hamorii sling. is it a male or a female? if anyone can already tell thanks
  8. U

    US wanted adult brachypelma hamorii

    searching for an adult male or female brachypelma hamorii
  9. Hamorii honey

    Hamorii honey

    Waiting for my young miss to become a lady
  10. B. hamorii

    B. hamorii

    B. hamroii. 22 years old. I've had her, and her sister since they were .25" slings
  11. Scubasteve

    US MM B. hamorii

    I’m looking for a mature male Brachypelma hamorri. I’m looking to purchase outright, but am flexible if you have something else in mind. To help make the process a little smoother, please PM me the following items: Asking price / loan proposal Zip code you’ll be shipping from Date of ultimate...
  12. 20200227_054503.jpg


    Grumpy living up to his name. All because I watered his enclosure :( 25 minutes later and Grumpy still hasn't moved. #closetseemani
  13. 20200216_192420.jpg


    Brachypelma hamorii sling showing some 'tude!
  14. 20200216_201026.jpg


    Brachypelma hamorii juvie. It barely leaves it's leaf.
  15. 20200216_193018.jpg


    Brachypelma hamorii sling has emerged after 3 months underneath!
  16. N

    My B. Hamorii (M) likes to bite the background. Why?

    Hi! My Brachypelma Hamorii has started to bite the background and rip small chunks off. I don't know why. I have had problems before when I had made the substrate a little too wet for his liking. When the substrate got too damp he climbed up on the wall and ceiling and putting his teeth through...
  17. D

    Water droplets

    is it normal to see water droplets on the leg of the T,s or is it something i should be worried about. Im not sure if the droplets came from the water dish
  18. Sycohearted

    My First Tarantula! (B.Hamorii)

    Ahhhh, It feels so surreal making that title, I swear! I just thought I'd make a lil' thread like I do on my rodent forums for my new little buddy! I have been ethically researching Tarantulas since 2016 after remembering randomly one day that I used to watch "some crazy dude" named...
  19. Sycohearted

    B. Hamorii (Non-Molt)

    I figured it's worth a try! If not, I'll just wait for my little buddy to molt and see for sure!
  20. Sycohearted

    My worst nightmare: Tarantula Gifted to me

    Hi everyone, I am brand new to the T-Community but I have been researching on and off for about 5+ years, And today I was thrusted into the community and...I'm a bit frustrated and stressed by it. I am a person who spends years researching and collecting supplies for an animal before getting it...