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Water droplets


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It could be a leaky joint from a injury (hemolymph). If its water it beads up on tarantulas...they are waterproof. That's why they can walk on water like Jesus.;):D
Should i be worried about it??

If its an injury will it heal soon or would it take long.
Is there anything i could do or should i just let it be?


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If it's a injury and it keeps bleeding you can put flour or corn starch on the area to stop the bleeding. I'm sure it will be fine if that's what it is. I dont see droplets anywhere else to suggest it is water.
Could you explain how i should apply corn starch and also should i not feed her for while??
How long do you think itll take for her to heal..


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No reason why she shouldn't eat. Just feed her as normal. The corn starch just put it in a spoon and dump a little on the spot. If it's not bleeding anymore I wouldnt worry about it. It's not a life threatening bleed if that is all it is.

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