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Scorpions! If you got em, post em!!!


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In here (West Africa) I always get Emperor Scorpions in the wild. They're not aggressive and as some of you may know, it has a mild venom in its stinger. Great for beginners, and extremely large. It's the first scorpion I've seen in my life, and the biggest one yet lol. Unfortunately,... the first emp i had died probably because it was thirsty or poisoned by soap (I TRIED BATHING IT WITH SOAP, YES) so that was the biggest mistake I made. I recently got 6 emps! 1 died, 4 escaped. Which remains only 1 small male. Never seen it molt yet, but feeding it very well. I was very busy at those times when my uncle gave me lots of emps.. I couldn't feed them and I told him to bring them back. Lol. Now, one of the 4 emps that escaped was a female and she was pretty fat and big. The first emp I had was an adult but the girl I'm talking about wasn't, she had a yellow telson. Don't know why, but they both lost one of their legs. I first noticed that there was something wrong with the girl's leg (yes, it was still there before, unlike the adult that when we met him he got injured already). on the next day, the girl lost her leg. no idea why, maybe because they fought or something. I was keeping them in a large neat container with moist substrate, but they kinda didn't like each other.. THAT is another rule. it would be best not to keep more than 1 in the same tank or container, cause the weak might be eaten. I helped a little bit? xD

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