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Mug shots


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Of course, I'm not just a Cowboys fan. Been a fan of title town since I was 4 (and I'm 24 now).
Born and raised a cheesehead, my sister's dad was a huge Green Bay fan. He passed away before i was ever a thought but his memorabilia littered our house growing up so there was no other way. Ironically i liked the Cowboys when i was little too but it was the greatest show on turf so how couldn't you like them.

Casey K.

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Ha Ha-I'm with @PanzoN88 on this one...I don't do pics...prefer to be the one taking them.... my face would crack any mirror...far too shy for all that:D:p
I will give a brief description though...5ft 1" short arse with dark long hair and green eyes...that's as much as you are going to get:D:p x

Nothing wrong with dark hair and green eyes ;)

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