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  1. Example of 'stable substrate' part 2 (30 oz delicup)

    Example of 'stable substrate' part 2 (30 oz delicup)

    Some species, like Aphonopelma joshua (burrow pictured) actually require sand-clay substrate to behave naturally and calm down. Think about it. These specimens spent their whole lives on this exact substrate type prior to me collecting them, and definitely hate coco with a passion!
  2. Example of 'stable sandy substrate' (30 oz delicup)

    Example of 'stable sandy substrate' (30 oz delicup)

    You get 40 lbs of play sand for a mere $5. I get my clay myself from nature. mix by hand (DO NOT SHAKE) thoroughly, then water carefully. dont overdo the water. wait for it to soak into the sand and the clay with transform into a glue that holds the sand together. a little clay goes far.
  3. MajinBuuSama

    Some questions M.balfouri

    Hello guys! I've been missing here for a while, I've had the new enclosure for my tarantula for a while too, is 30x25x25. This Is the Enclosure: https://www.aquariumline.com/catalog/diversa-terrario-vetro-apertura-scorrevole-p-18992.html (I also put a pic) I'm waiting for a person to put she...
  4. Mygalomorphic

    Naturalistic Substrates/Enclosures

    After a few years of experimentation I finally found an enclosure "style" that works for me. For anything other than the final enclosures I am using whatever cheap, acrylic container I can find that will be best for the specific spider. Substrate wise I use coco fiber and maybe sphagnum, water...
  5. Keymond69

    l.parahybana Housing

    Hi guys, is this an ok set up for my 4 inch l.parahybana , substrate is slightly damp soil ? Is the size of the enclosure okay ?
  6. Keymond69

    Theraphosa blondi HELP

    I'm ordering a 10 cm blondi for 95 quid off so many legs, I need some help with the enclosure,substrate and humidity. Could somebody please educate me on the best set up please. UK Would be very grateful .
  7. J

    Best substrate for arboreal T? (Avicularia Avicularia)

    What’s the best substrate for an Avicularia Avicularia? I’ve used soil that came in a kit when I first got her but I’m moving her to a bigger enclosure and was wondering what I should use? I’ve been reading coconut fiber every where would that be okay?
  8. Puffy

    Little white bugs??

    Hi, Noobie here . I've got a Mexican red leg. Today I have noticed some tiny white bugs in the substrate. Can anyone please help me to identify.. I'm hoping they are springtails after my research I've done so far.. Many thanks
  9. Dave Jay

    Substrate Choices

    While substrate is mentioned in many threads there hasn't been a dedicated thread since 2012. Things can change in all animal husbandry, so rather than revive the old one , I thought I'd start a new dedicated thread and incorporate a poll. Indicate the components you use on the poll, but in the...
  10. N

    *Stupid questions from a newbie*

    Soooo I've had my T for three days now... Yes, I know, that's too little time to start worrying like this. But still. Better soon than later :D Today I tried to give it a mealworm and it rejected it. I've seen that people say you should feed them when their abodmens look small, and honestly I...
  11. jacob bott

    Tarantula not burrowing

    So I got my first tarantula about a week ago, it was a B. Smithi. And I am pretty sure they are supposed to make a burrow, it has not burrowed yet. It has a half log that is goes in a lot. I don't know if a log is a substitute for a burrow. The substrate is around 3-4 inches deep, I know this...