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  1. S

    Hi there! I'm new here in the Tarantula hobby.

    Hello, my name is Sean. I have always wanted a tarantula to add to my growing collection of deeply loved critters. Currently, I have 2 bearded dragons and a dog after having to relinquish my large fish tanks to good homes when I moved. I have recently acquired a Caribena Versicolor from my local...
  2. R

    Help sexing tliltocatl albopilosus (from pic)

    Help appreciated! They're good 8-9 cm
  3. U

    poecilotheria metallica Juvie male or female

    Epiandrous fusillae sexing see photos many thanks
  4. ckbramlett

    Can anyone help sexy my baby? :)

    What do you think the sex is?! - Here’s my roughly 1 year old C. Versicolor! The breeder tells me it’s much easier to sex them based on the molt but I don’t have the recent one! He said if he had to guess he would think female. What do you guys think? - Thank you SO much in advance! This is my...
  5. Sarrianna

    GBB possible male

    Hello! I have been attempting to sex my GBB and can't get to their molt easily (deep inside the hide and I don't want to destroy the enclosure and stress them out) I am thinking though, after this last molt that it is male based on the hooks and shape of the pedipals. Does anyone possibly have...
  6. petitepaddington

    2.5 in GBB molt

    hello! i've gotten one person saying male, but i'd like a larger sample size. i no longer have the molt with me, so i can't take any new pictures, sadly. here's it with and without the highlight of where i thought i saw the spermathecae.
  7. Jess Zimny

    Little pink toe!

    Howdy! I should have asked the exotic store we got them from, but would y'all be able to determine the sex on this cutie? Could I also get an age estimate on this forum?
  8. Arlo

    Is this a female G. Pulchra?

    When I purchased Ungoliant, I specifically asked for a female and was told they were 99.8% confident that this was one. Could anyone confirm? She is currently a little more than 2" diagonally.
  9. DevinsCreatures

    Male? Too early to tell?

    Ceratogyrus darlingi. .5” These are the first baboons I’ve ever owned, so I have little experience with their spermatheca or sexing them properly. The organs seem spaced farther apart so does that mean male? Or would it be too early to tell at this stage?
  10. B

    3 1/2 G. Pulchra

    3 1/2 pulchra gave me a surprise molt this morning. Any idea on the sex? I am leaning male.
  11. Arlo

    Is my baby a female?

    Hello, everyone! I went to a reptile expo this morning to look at blue tongue skinks and ended up taking Shelob home with me :) She was an impulse buy (not recommended, obviously), but I have a ton of experience with a million other animals, and I'm very eager to learn everything I can about...
  12. M

    Not a Tarantula, but can someone sex my juvenile Regius?

    Hi, I’m new here so please forgive me if I’m doing it wrong. I got this beautiful gray Regius at a reptile expo last weekend. My breeder said that its a male, and I usually trust her judgement, but I’m having doubts. What do you think?
  13. C

    Male or Female?

    Hello! this is my freshly molted brachypelma hamorii sling. is it a male or a female? if anyone can already tell thanks
  14. D

    L. Parahybana 4.5-5”

    Noob here. From what I’ve researched it looks like a female to me, but that white dot above the epigastric furrow just keeps me from saying that. It looks like dirt, but if it is it’s not on the glass. I don’t like picking the floof up a lot because it’s a bit skittish and too small for me to...
  15. henri_the_spider

    Is Henri a he or she?

  16. octanejunkie

    Sexing Thing #1

    Dammit, another female obt I can manipulate the spermatheca with a toothpick lol
  17. BenTarantula

    How old is my Tarantula and is the animal male or female?

    Hey guys. My first post. My first Tarantula. I don't know how to sex or age my Tarantula. I imagine more photos would be required to make this determintaiton, but the spider prefers to burrow. I purchased the spider three days ago.
  18. B

    G.pulchra molt

    Hey everyone, I can't make out anything on this molt. I am thinking male but also still too small to tell. This is a 1.5 to 1.75 in pulchra. Tried looking under a microscope but still wasn't really sure if I could make out anything. Attached are bunch of different photos in different lighting to...
  19. A

    Unsexed Avic Avic Pedipalps Turned Grey After Molt...?

    So as a new tarantula hobbyist I purchased my first tarantula, an unsexed Avicularia Avicularia, from a retail pet chain about 6 months ago and we've been doing great! Eating, webbing, everything is going smoothly until we had a very long and tiring pre-molt. My avic protested food for a month...
  20. BugBot

    A. chalcodes ventral sexing. Male??

    Not a lot of experience with ventral sexing, so I wanted to ask for a second opinion! Just picked up this juvenile A. chalcodes yesterday, about 3" legspan. Based on a few google searches my guess is male, anyone else have an idea?