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  1. JaiTarantula

    Are my slings in Pre-Molt?

    Hi guys I've had T's for a long time but only from Juvie stage. I'd decided to have a shot at raising slings. I just need your guys opinions on whether there in premolt or not. Cheers Guys Jai :)
  2. N

    Premolt or death curl?

    Don't know what I may have done wrong... she has plenty humidity and it's not cold in my house but everyone is saying premolt but she looks more like a death curl.
  3. T

    Sling Premolt

    Hey guys! Can anybody tell the difference between a really stuffed sling and one in premolt? Here is my new 3rd instar (I’m assuming) P. sazimai that a few days ago, ate half a mealworm and a huge Dubia drumstick within 24 hours. Premolt or just stuffed??
  4. O philippinus before molt

    O philippinus before molt

    Way fatter in the carapace area, chelicerae sticks out a bit more than usual.
  5. J

    What type of Goliath birdeater is this? Shes in premolt

    I know shes a Goliath but Im wondering what type? Im fairly new to the arachno world
  6. Somebody is gonna molt soon

    Somebody is gonna molt soon

    N. colorativillous in premolt
  7. Crax

    Acanthoscurria Geniculata problem...

    Legs disappeared 33 days ago and reemerged on the second of December. She has not molted yet. I am, however, concerned. First concern, odd behavior: doesn't want to eat but drinks tons (for a spood) of water. Today and yesterday, that's all she has done. Not moving much but constantly...
  8. Laurebai

    G. Pulchra Pre-molt or just living her best life?

    Hello all, relatively new to the hobby, got my first T about 18 months ago, but first time sling owner. I've got an adult striped-knee, and previously had a pink-toe who, unfortunately was lost to a molting accident, so I tend to get nervous around molts, especially any of my babies first one...
  9. Raxi

    Pre-molt questions!

    Hi! My brachypelma hamorii has been in pre-molt for almost two months. She has molted two times with me, and on both times she molted pretty quickly after the first 'symptoms'. She's my first T, so I just want to know that is this normal? And I'm sure she's in pre-molt because she's hiding all...
  10. N

    First premolt! (question about humidity)

    SO! Over the past few months, my b. hamorii has been eating every 28 days around the clock. (Last time it ate was 26 days ago) I had been waiting for more sings that would indicate premolt... and these past days the little guy seemed a bit anxious. He/She is always pretty chill but now it was...
  11. N

    Juvenile B. Hamorii not eating... how long can it go without food? possible premolt?

    Last time my T ate was 16 days ago. Before that, it went for a whole month without food. Its abdomen seems fine, I don't think it has lost weight. I mean I know it's normal but since it's my first and only T I don't have much personal experience. Also, he/she's a huuge hair kicker. Like, it's...