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mexican red knee

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    US 1 and half year old GBB 3 Year Old Avic Avic and 1 and a half year old Mexican Red Knee for sale

    Hello! Im selling my 3 tarantulas because I dont have time to take care of them anymore. Need somebody to take them off my hands asap message me @949-662-5282 if you want to negotiate -Shipping from California using UPS 2 day shipping -Price $45 +$25 shipping -Ship out all packages 1-2...
  2. C

    Can I put my Mexican Red Knee Tarantula in a 40 Gallon sTank?

    I currently have a mexican red knee tarantula and I am unsure if it’s a juvenile or not, but I got them on April 1, 2023 So I assume they are. I am also unsure of the gender as well. I currently have them in a 10 gallon set up right now but is this set up alright? I have an extra 40 gallon...
  3. D

    Help with Tarantula Humidity

    Hi guys, Just hoping for a bit of help honestly. I’ve only just got into the hobby but struggling with the humidity for my Mexican Red Knee. She’s only a juvenile but I’ve attached a picture of her enclosure but the humidity won’t drop below 90%. I live in the UK so it’s not necessarily warm...
  4. B

    Smithi or Hamorri

    Was sold as a true Smithi recently. Is it Hamorii or Smithi?
  5. Cor

    Cor's Collection

    Here's the kids, updated as new ones arrive. The starter set: Ayla was the first tarantula that I got. She's (they're all going to be referred to as she even if they aren't) a Tililtocatl albopilosus. Her name was briefly Pewbs because I thought it was pretty funny. I still think it's...
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    US Mexican Red Knee

    Recently rescued a young Mexican Red Knee Tarantula. I moved into a new home and realized I can’t care for it the way I want to. They’ll come with cage, heater, feeding tongs, and cricket cage. Hoping to get $65 for accessories.
  7. T

    Is this lid safe for a tarantula

    Hello tarantula experts, I am in the process of preparing for my very first tarantula, a Mexican red knee, but while I was researching, I heard from multiple sources that it is not safe to put your tarantula in an enclosure with a mesh lid, I would like some confirmation on weather the lid I...
  8. D

    New tarantula owner

    Good day to all. Im new to the tarantula world and the second i got my first one i become obsessed. My first one is a GBB, second mexican red knee, then got another GBB and then got an OBT. Plus im waiting for 2 socatra island blue baboons and a curly hair. Plus i have 2 snakes as well lol. Btw...
  9. I

    Monitoring B smithi when away from home

    Hi all, Not sure if this is the right place to post this but spent some time rigging up a raspberry pi with a camera and humidity/temp sensor so that I can keep an eye on my first T. Wrote a couple of python scripts to take a photo every minute, overlay the time/temperature and humidity (of the...