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  1. S


    ARACHNIDS * Ghost Crab Huntsman Spider- $95 * Cameroon Red Baboon- $65 * Regal Jumping Spider- $45 * Israeli Pillar Tail Scorpion - $40 * Suwat Trapdoor Spider- $85 Hand-Raised and very friendly. ISOPODS * Armadillidium Variety (50ct)...
  2. T

    Is my female huntsman ready to mate?

    Hi I'm new here Last week my pair of holconia arrived. My male is surely fully matured but I have no idea about my female is too. Female is bigger than I thought but I don't know about the clues that I can be assured. I heard male lives much shorter than female So I want to mate the two as soon...
  3. Gizalba

    Worried about my Heteropoda venatoria

    Hi, I am worried about Victory as he has recently got really skinny (compared to what he was) and I am concerned he is struggling to eat. He has ignored the red runner I put in there, then I have tried a mealworm then lots of beanweevils. Are his pedipalps deformed or is that what mature male...
  4. Olios giganteus sac#2

    Olios giganteus sac#2

    a much larger brood approx. 130 or so.
  5. MBullock

    US CBCB Giant Crab Spider slings

    Captive bred, captive born 'Giant crab spider' slings- 2-3 cm legspans $30 ea Mother: Father: Baby: SHIPPING: FedEx Priority Overnight-- NOTE- Just a few more sales left til i can permanently offer $5 discount on all sales! thank you for your business! shipping cost...
  6. olios giganteus

    olios giganteus

    i3 sling over finger for scale
  7. Olios giganteus with spiderling

    Olios giganteus with spiderling

    She was not happy with my intrusion at all. i had my thumb peaking over the rim and she was about to bite me. cool part is you can just give her a huge prey item and she'll feed the bebes
  8. Olios giganteus

    Olios giganteus

    You can see her peering out through the opening she made.
  9. Olios giganteus i3 slings

    Olios giganteus i3 slings

    Once her slings have begun molting into the third instar, the mother tears open an entrance hole. she will now emerge from her brood chamber to hunt and bring food back to her spiderlings, of whom will remain with her for a week or so.
  10. MBullock

    Olios giganteus with eggsac

    I have another female about to brood too. let's hope they dont overwhelm me. these guys are so cool, like nocturnal jumpers almost. really smart, too.
  11. SpiderCafe

    US Heteropoda davidbowie sale

    Heteropoda davidbowie slings bred by me. Get them while you can, this is a great price. They are ready to ship now. Heteropoda davidbowie slings $25 each I also have some great feeders- two sizes of banana roaches. Adults are green, they can climb and fly. Perfect for arboreal spiders...
  12. SpiderCafe

    US Local pick up Heteropoda davidbowie hatchlings, 90034

    I got bunch of Heteropoda davidbowie hatchlings available for local pick up only in Los Angeles, 90034. $40 each $300 for ten. They are all feeding well on small fruit flies. TOS: Local sales in Los Angeles only. I accept Venmo, Paypal and cash only.
  13. Haunted again - Copy.JPG

    Haunted again - Copy.JPG

    I call this: Being haunted by your past self ;) Victory, my Heteropoda Venatoria :)
  14. Olios giganteus

    Olios giganteus

    mature male
  15. Olios giganteus

    Olios giganteus

    mature gravid female
  16. SpiderCafe

    Any experienced Heteropoda davidbowie breeders?

    I have a dilemma. I have a MM and MF but they may be sack mates. I got them from same seller: FNT. I also got two females that need 2 more molts to reach full maturity. My male matured 4-5 months ago. Should I wait for other two females to mature or pair him up with probable sack mate? How long...