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grammostola pulchripes

  1. Oredhel

    Slings feeding

    Hello everyone! Just sharing videos of my first four slings from yesterdays feeding. I'm getting my first GBB sling next month. I love that species. Any advice?
  2. Oredhel


    Hello everyone! I need some advide: Since the last molt my Grammostola pulchripes filled her hide with substrate and spend almost all day on the top of the enclosure. Is that normal? Should i let her be or do something about it? I don't want to annoy her, but i've seen her legs and fangs coming...
  3. Oredhel

    Grammostola pulchripes

    Hello! This is a feeding video of my first Grammostola pulchripes sling. Wasn't able to record the take down, she was too fast for me. XD I'm a new keeper (this is my second sling, i also own a t albo) and i love this forum, i'm learning a lot. Thank you all for sharing your experience and...
  4. Phototoxin

    G. Pulchripes Enclosures

    So I'm hoping to get some juvenile/sub adult g.pulchripes (aka chaco golden knee) that are approx 3cm body length. I have yet to place in water dishes which will be milk-cartol lids. Everything has been cleaned/sterilised. I have made holes all around with one side being approx. 1cm lower on...
  5. Chaco Taco chillaxing

    Chaco Taco chillaxing

    Grammostola pulchripes, rarely on display, caught just hanging out. Just ate yesterday and appears to be entering premolt.
  6. M

    New home has changed my chaco

    I have had my chaco golden knee for over 2years she is a female and has always been a fantastic eater up till aug.... In aug I decided to move her into her new home as she was getting too big for her old home. Since then she hasn't eaten anything and hides away day and night in her new hide. She...
  7. SkyLovesTs

    Grammostola Pulchripes or Aphonopelma Seemanni??

    Somebody please help me identify my tarantula! I’ve had her for a couple of months now and I want to say she’s a Grammostola Pulchripes but, I’m not sure. Her name is Hestia. Please help me out!!!
  8. S

    Concerns on Grammostola Pulchripes

    Alright, I read a lot about the G. Pulchripes but nothing stated anything about how long they CAN live as an outlier, because Average lifespan isn't what i'm looking for, I have a G. Pulchripes and he has been mine since 2011, yes, he's a mature male, and he's still active and alive, they are...
  9. E

    New Grammostola pulchripes

    Hi! I'm getting my first T in a few days, a Grammostola pulchripes sling, it's about 1"/1,5". I will be getting it from a reptile shop, and they said it's a female. But isn't it impossible to sex them when they're so small? I searched on internet but I can only find methods to sex them when...