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egg sac

  1. T

    Is this possible?

    My husbands curly haired tarantula (female) somehow got into my Mexican red knees enclosure (male) and we missed some of it but she ripped off one of his legs and we rushed to get her out of there as quickly as possible. Anyways we’re here a few months later and she laid an egg sack. Is it...
  2. ItsukinoKira

    Fake egg sac?

    Hello!! So I was just checking up on my Bonnetina papalutlensis since she was building a nice mat and I thought she was going to molt... But she built an egg sac. She molted one week after I got her and after that she has never been bred so I definitely think is a fake egg sac and now I'm...
  3. Webbed_obsessed

    Cyriocosmus sp tambopata success

    Looks to be a huge amount of slings from this female. I believe this to be the first US eggsac of Cyriocosmus sp tambopata. Cannot wait for them to molt.
  4. J

    Phiddipus Regius Phantom Egg Sacs?

    Hey all, (My first post here) I have had my little dude since April 2022. For the past month or so, she had enclosed herself in webbing with a small opening. There has been a round mound in her web for a while and she’s rarely come out. Nope. I bought her as a captive sub adult and she has...
  5. M

    P Octopunctatus Pink Egg Sac????

    Hey I have a wild caught Octopunctatus that started spinning a web in the top corner of its enclosure last night and this morning it looks like it has a pink egg sac or something in there. There was nothing pink in its enclosure so I’m guessing it’s an egg sac and I just got her a few weeks ago...
  6. What a difference a day makes

    What a difference a day makes

    Avicularia avicularia sac, pulled after 60 days, incubated a week
  7. Mom's first sac

    Mom's first sac

    Female avicularia acquired in a trade paired with one of my 4 early-pandemic avic males (now a MM)
  8. Psalmopoeus cambridgei sac

    Psalmopoeus cambridgei sac

    Paired mom with 2 males in August, 3 weeks after she molted. She holed up about a month ago and I pulled the sac today.
  9. Versicolor sac is lit

    Versicolor sac is lit

    Looks like these guys are ready for a rehouse
  10. Versicolor sac is doing well

    Versicolor sac is doing well

    About to start separating into micro colonies
  11. C versicolor female and her golf ball

    C versicolor female and her golf ball

    Sac spotted 10/10/2021. Feeling cute, might pull today.
  12. Versicolor ping pong ball

    Versicolor ping pong ball

    C. versicolor female that paired in late July/early August dropped a sac last night
  13. P irminia sac

    P irminia sac

    Pulled 30 days after finding it.
  14. M balfouri female"double clutching"

    M balfouri female"double clutching"

    Surrounded by her 1i slings, our balfouri female webbed a mat and is laying her second batch of eggs
  15. MY TARANTULA LAID EGGS - Making Of An Egg Sac

    MY TARANTULA LAID EGGS - Making Of An Egg Sac

    FINALLY! My Tliltocatl vagans (formerly Brachypelma vagans) dropped an egg sac MONTHS after having been paired and EATING my male Mexican Red Rump Tarantula....
  16. Avicularia avicularia sac

    Avicularia avicularia sac

    Paired her with the sane male several times between end of March and mid May, today I saw her sitting on a sac
  17. Pumpkin Patch sac

    Pumpkin Patch sac

    H sp Colombia large was paired about 2-3 weeks ago, saw this today
  18. 20200811_132431.jpg


    Harpactira pulchripes I noticed her making her "web bowl" lastnight and I just checked on her and sure enough she dropped a sac. :)