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curly hair

  1. TwinkleToes19

    Somewhat freshly molted Curly Hair

    Disclaimer: I fed her in the second picture a week after she molted for those who may be worried.
  2. C

    US [Emergency] Rehoming 5.0.0 New World T’s at negotiable price

    Rehoming these solely because my allergy to their hairs has worsened. (Pics attached) - 5.5’’ P. Antinous - 5” A. Geniculata - 4” B. Emilia - 4” T. Albopilosus - 3.5” G. Pulchripes All in excellent health, no bad molts For Sale: $180 or best offer, shipping from NorCal not included. Pickup OK...
  3. O

    Slightly Odd Behaviour

    Hi! My sling has just recently molted (~1 week ago) and has not been hungry. She’s been standing in odd positions and I’ve also noticed this little area on her butt. Is this normal or should I be concerned?
  4. O

    My first tarantula, a Tliltocatl Albipilosus light patch

    I have just recently purchased my Nicaraguan Curly Hair sling and today noticed a light patch on their rear. First pic is when I transferred them to a proper enclosure, the second is today. I’ve done some research, but I thought it’d be best to ask here as well. I’m not too sure it’s premolt...
  5. izzp99


    would it be possible to tell the sex of my curly hair tarantula?
  6. 6463AB89-F581-48A9-B930-52BF29C341FD.jpeg


    Looks like a cactus
  7. E6365D4A-3A35-499B-95AE-E45CD5B50B33.jpeg


    Looks like they are taking a selfie
  8. F3DD9C30-6224-4048-BBB5-2E5FF45B3687.jpeg


    So fluffy (removed stones for fear of them getting hurt)
  9. 40454129-0C52-4F50-A341-60D450367A81.jpeg


    Witchcraft? (Removed the stones for fear of them getting hurt on them
  10. 14F500FE-2B4F-4D1F-B394-31A5B85DF175.jpeg


    Curly hair tarantula being cute
  11. Arlo

    A new (and bigger) home for my T. Albo!

    I finally got around to moving Shelob to her new home! I wasn't planning on doing it this soon but the Exo Terra tank I ordered arrived early, plus today I went to a reptile store and found an amazing piece of cork (never thought I'd get excited over a piece of cork lol) and just couldn't wait...
  12. T albopilosus

    T albopilosus

    Juvie male nicuraguan
  13. Cor

    Cor's Collection

    Here's the kids, updated as new ones arrive. The starter set: Ayla was the first tarantula that I got. She's (they're all going to be referred to as she even if they aren't) a Tililtocatl albopilosus. Her name was briefly Pewbs because I thought it was pretty funny. I still think it's...
  14. Arlo

    Will the burrow collapse?

    Happy New Year! :) As a New Year's resolution, Shelob has apparently decided to remodel her home and has been digging huge pieces of soil out of her tunnel since last night. What concerns me is that there is a small piece of cork holding up the tunnel (it's about as big as she is, maybe a bit...
  15. T.albopilosus mature female

    T.albopilosus mature female

    Finally!!! Curly decided to emerge from her lair!
  16. Tlitocatl albopilosus female

    Tlitocatl albopilosus female

    She's awaiting her Nicaraguan prince
  17. A carapace not only a mother could love

    A carapace not only a mother could love

    Tlitocatl albopilosus juvenile male and a stunningly golden carapace
  18. Tlitocatl albopilosus juvenile male

    Tlitocatl albopilosus juvenile male

    Can't wait to breed this Nicaraguan male.
  19. Bazaar

    US T.Albo slings and more

    Tliltocatl Albopilosus (Curly Hair) 2i = 1/4" $12 ea 5 for $50 ($10ea) 12 for $100 ($8.33ea) 35 for $200 ($5.71ea) SLINGS (and more) NEW Arrivals 9x $35 Caribena Versicolor (Antilles Pinktoe) = ¼" 10x $50 Harpactira Pulchripes (Golden Blue Leg Baboon) = ¼-½" 0-1-0 $80 Pterinochilus...
  20. Keymond69

    Why did my curly hair sling die ????

    Hi, Im wondering why my curly hair looks like it has died? I’ve had her/him around a year now and just found her in water bowl ? Not moving ? can anyone give me any info on this ? she has always fed and moulted well ? Fed once a week , a live cricket. ?????????? does not look like she has...