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after molt

  1. remington

    Share your before/after molt pictures

    I would love to see some of your before and after photos if y'all have any :) I don't have any, as my single sling has not yet molted in my care! :( But I will add my own to this thread when she finally does.
  2. Arlo

    Shelob has molted and she is looking fabulous :)

    Remember when I was panicking about Shelob (T. Albo) not eating and webbing up the entrance of her burrow and you guys told me that I had no reason to worry and that she'd be molting soon? Guess what? You were right! Shelob molted on October 23rd and had her very first hornworm last night after...
  3. F

    Bald patch

    Hi. Newbie here so please be kind. Please help. I have rescued a T recently 5 year old Female and it was quite skittish when I got it and looked like it had been trapped or squashed in a drawer it was been kept in. It had a mark on the top of its Abdomen and it was straight not like it had been...
  4. Freshly molted acanthoscurria geniculata.

    Freshly molted acanthoscurria geniculata.

    My fresly molted acanthoscurria geniculata being a true hotty. As a reward i gave her a superworm. (the superworm is not in this photo as she ran into her burrow after giving her the worm.)
  5. Mugsy

    How long do I have to wait until I feed my B. albicep sling?

    Hi guys, I'm a beginner at keeping tarantulas and I wanted to ask a question. My B. albicep sling has just molted 3 days ago, I tried to feed it and he keeps refusing it what should I do?