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This is my pink bird tarualata I received it by fed ex a year and few months ago It was small as a dime they grow so fast I have two of them my other one is way larger I be taking pics of it in few mins to post on here


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Also here is an update on the curry hair i breed last October. The female produced a sac last month. Unfortunately when i pulled it 30days later the sac was dead. But atleast i moved one step a head in breeding. Hopefully my next attempt i will have a healthy sac
*****Homoeomma chilensis/Euathlus sp. 'Red'/Chilean Red. Can someone help me find one for sale?!*****
i havent seen any state side this year. It's difficult to find these for sure! Good luck!
Hey I am looking for Trixoplelma Available
If you have an updated list that would be great