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I say this with the utmost sincerity: SCREW ADOBE. Seriously. stupid stylus fell apart on me just now when replacing the nib.

And the stylus itself is like 50 flippin dollars!

Shoddy foreign-made garbage!!! What, the $400+ freaking dollars i paid for the tablet wasnt enough, adobe? You want my balls too, while you're at it? I mean i can see why, as you have none of your own! /rant
*sigh* there goes livestreaming for a while. Oh well..

i just cant justify it. surely there's a universal stylus that will work for half the cost!
Axolotl plushies also available In wholesale for shops, websites, vendors and resellers.

X1 piece



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Tapinauchenius plumipes (ex T. violaceus) successfully paired:
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Thank you! Yes, I intend to ship. :) I'll keep you updated on the progress.
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Casey K.
Casey K.
Awesome! Thanks! :)
Of course! They are so understated hiding in the shadows, but the colors are stunning in the light. I'm waiting on my T. rasti male to mature (his upcoming molt), and then I'll be pairing them too.
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Solifugae? In my backyard?
Casey K.
Casey K.
Send some my way! ;)
I will be focusing on breeding solifugae for a while, probably. I've been observing them and studying their behavior and I'm understanding their little quirks.
I'll mostly be selecting larger species like Eremocosta and slant faced solifugae.
My smithi molted we caught her in mid molt it was awesome….I’ll post pics of her dry and energized


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Don't you just love it when certain "over dramatic" vendors say that they won't post in or use this forum because there's someone here they don't like or they don't agree with how certain people do business???? And then you see them posting away......roflmao. Sigh....I guess everyone's money is green after all! Hahahahaha!!! You know who you are!!!!! Hahaha! CLOWN! JOKES ON YOU!
Also my GBB sling looks to have a couple broken legs, maybe it just appears that way but I bought it like this so I’m not sure if anything happened, if it does will it survive and can it still catch food?
Casey K.
Casey K.
I'm sure it will be fine. It will molt later on and have new legs in place of the old ones. If it appears to be struggling to catch food, you can always pre-kill their prey and drop it in the enclosure near the spider. They're very good scavengers!
Thank you
Casey K.
Casey K.
You're welcome! :)
So I was too late getting my Brazilian black, G, Pulchra I’m so sad they had none left but…I got my GBB! Woo hoo it was the last one….and with a small selection I got a Phillipine tangerine. I don’t know much about except that it’s becoming more popular and I know they web and don’t seem to come out except at night so if anyone has this one I would love to hear more about them and see some pics please.
I have some beetle plush dolls on my website below pictured is Hercules beetle, Rhinoceros beetle and Stag beetle. If you're interested you can find them at www.midwestexotics.net/shop make sure you hit the filter botton then scroll down to plushies


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Why does it matter if most of my post are just ads. I've offered plenty to the hobby they've just chosen to not accept it, so I'll keep my silence.
11"x17" Midwest exotics tarantula posters $20 each shipping only $7 usps

x1 Dolichothele diamantinensis poster
x1 Poecilotheria vittata poster
x1 monocentropus balfouri poster
x1 Centruroides gracilis poster

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45 days and Ralphie is still burrowed in his hideout, no food and no water, there has been no sign of him coming out. I change the water every day. I have been doing research and from all I read, this happens but how do I know that he is not dead. Getting nervous.
Ralphie is still burrowed in 54 days now. I don't know how they can live without food or water for this long but I am still leaving him alone. I am making sure to keep fresh water and I mist the enclosure. The substrate seems to be very dry, should I dampen it?
Any changes yet Ralphie? I’m curious to follow your situation here cause my Peruvian Blonde is doing the same
85 days and out of nowhere he uncovered the hide out, I can see him but he is not coming out yet. He looks bigger and brighter. I will post pictures soon. It hard to believe that they can go that long without food.
If you want native californian stuff, better get it from me while you still can, because i'm permanently leaving the state, soon.. I will no longer have access to many species i previously had. It will become primarily arizonian species.