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True Spider subforum?


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3 Year Member
I would like to see a True Spider subforum. True Spiders were my specialty before I got into tarantulas - I think this would be a nice addition to the forum.

I'll even Mod it if you like. :)


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we have the "invert pet talk" section, and unfortunately, it doesn't get much action. If you wanted to start a thread there and that sub forum got some more action, I'm sure we could expand it.


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Pretty much everyone here keeps Ts, and a few scorps mixed in.. but id love to see a true spider thread :).


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I'm always up for adding more subforums if they will be used!


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If you start adding sub forums such as true spiders, reptiles, scorpions etc then the forum just becomes the same as every other "tarantula" forum out there. I actually find it refreshing to see for once a forum that focuses on what it is supposed to. As Kenny mentioned there is already an "invert pet talk".

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