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T stirmi really jacked me up


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The real test is to stick your hand in there and let her have a go at you....come on, it's for science!!!:) This would be a great video...one as highly viewed as @Shampain video.
I bet she rips right through those gloves...any wagers???:D:beer:

Those are the real deal. I can pick up razor blades and I've already tried an ice pick. Still, even with those, I'd never attempt handling.

However, they will be worn whenever I'm cleaning the cage. Now gotta figure out how to user the cellphone because that isn't compatible with the gloves and that stylus is clumsy with them....

Stay tuned.

In reality, the cure is to rehouse her into her adult enclosure so we both have room to do our thing.

She ran over that side like it wasn't even a speed bump and I caught her in the air, not running down the dresser.


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The hairs are irritating but they are only "skin deep". Those fangs go real deep. It obviously hit at least one blood vessel and the bone under the bite itself actually hurt. The pain felt deep, unlike a wasp sting.

I'd rather take my chances with the hairs unless they would get into your eyes.
When my adult female H Mac taged my index finger it was kinda the same feeling like an immense amount of pressure like a sledge hammer just smashed my finger, it too bled like crazy and my finger swelled like 3 times its normal size plus the intense burning and pain that eventually creeped all the way up my arm but I didn't get sick or anything just lots of pain and swelling


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During the course of routine cage maintenance, some total idiot in the unit above mine must've dropped something weighing several hundred pounds.

I really felt that BOOM.

Mindy got spooked and ran out of the enclosure right off the edge of the shelf and fell halfway to the ground.

I caught her in mid air and got her back into the cage, didn't realize that I took a hit until I was putting the lid back on the cage, had to finish with the left hand.

Uh oh...

Anyway, I had my phone ready camera app open in case she came out and presented herself.

It didn't start to hurt real bad until I tried squeezing the venom out & then I started bleeding like a stuck pig.

The whole thing happened pretty fast, split second. I'm typing this left handed and had to call off of work.

I'm not sure what I'm gonna tell them. It's like when those big wall wasps get you but with more mechanical damage.

It took a while to get the blood off because it basically didn't clot for quite a while. These pics were taken before the venom fully kicked in.

The important thing is that the tarantula is ok. The thing is that she would've hit the rug in any case.

I should've worn those stab proof gloves that I sometimes use with my pokies. This cage is pretty unwieldy and I usually don't put it in the tub unless I'm pulling her out of the cage completely.

At least the tarantula is ok. I don't think she's in premolt so any internal damage should mend up if it occurred. I'm going to feed her in a few days so she can settle in the cage again.

This happened around 3pm EST. Now it's a few hours later. I'm going to try to get some sleep.

Here's the pics.

View attachment 33353 View attachment 33354 View attachment 33355 View attachment 33356 View attachment 33357

The last one is the other unbitten hand, just got hit with a few urticating hairs.

Given my security job that I can't really elaborate on, I can't go in. That's my gun hand. I'm right handed.

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