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T stirmi really jacked me up


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The real test is to stick your hand in there and let her have a go at you....come on, it's for science!!!:) This would be a great video...one as highly viewed as @Shampain video.
I bet she rips right through those gloves...any wagers???:D:beer:
Those are the real deal. I can pick up razor blades and I've already tried an ice pick. Still, even with those, I'd never attempt handling.

However, they will be worn whenever I'm cleaning the cage. Now gotta figure out how to user the cellphone because that isn't compatible with the gloves and that stylus is clumsy with them....

Stay tuned.

In reality, the cure is to rehouse her into her adult enclosure so we both have room to do our thing.

She ran over that side like it wasn't even a speed bump and I caught her in the air, not running down the dresser.