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Slings? Juvis?

Ok, my delivery time is usually 11am, so I'll let you know shortly after they arrive and I get them unpacked. So excited! Can't wait! Thank you so much! :)
They arrived at 11:45am safe and sound! They are now resting in their new homes! They were just about teleporting, and are very active and healthy! Thank you so very much! Great job on packaging too! I'll be recommending you to my other friends and keeping an eye on what else you may have in the future. :T::D


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I'm thinking of placing an order as soon as my order of enclosures arrives. I would rather deal with all of you first, than a large company, but I have not seen many posted for sale and/or I was late checking the forum and they were already sold.

I'm looking for mostly NW terrestrial and arboreal, but will consider OW species too. Let me know what you have! Thanks!
Are you still looking for anything else? :p
Are you still looking for anything else? :p
I always want more! Lol! It just depends on price and shipping. I like to make it worth paying a lot for shipping. These are the ones I'm looking for that I don't have for my collection:

C. cyanopubescens
B. smithi
B. boehmi
A. versicolor
P. cancerides
MM Rose Hair (I'm not getting into the name/species war!) :rolleyes:

Will consider others as well. :T:


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I have a beautiful recently mature female C. cyanopubescens for sale. i have her going for $180 but if it sounds right, i could go down a tiny bit.
I have a beautiful recently mature female C. cyanopubescens for sale. i have her going for $180 but if it sounds right, i could go down a tiny bit.
Thank you for the offer! I am looking for a GBB, but sling to juvi size. However, I am also looking for adult to mature male G. porteri and G. rosea.


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i might have a few t's your looking for. here is my sale list:

Heteropoda venatoria…1/4”-1/32…$5ea

Tapinauchenius plumipes….5/8”-3/4”…$25ea

Tapinauchenius sp Columbia…1/2”…$30ea

Cyriopagopus sp. “Sulawesi Black”…1.75”…$35ea, A Giant Asian arboreal. These little guys are VERY impressive eaters!

Cyriopagopus sp. “Sulawesi Black”…3/4”…$20ea

Bumba cabocla (formerly Maraca cabocla)…1/4”…$30ea

POKIES: (all female)

P. miranda…4.5+”…$185

P. vitatta…4.5+”…$165

P. rufilata…5+”…$225

P. regalis…5.5”…$125

(all 3 except rufilata - $425)

(all 4 for $600)


Phormotopus cancerides 0.1.0…4.75+”…$70

Aphonopelma seemanni (blue form) 0.1.0…$120

Tapinauchenius plumipes 0.1.0…3+”…$100

Tapinauchenius subcaerulus 0.1.0….4”…$175

Chilobrachys quanqxiensis 0.1.0….4.75”…$135

Chilobrachys fimbriatus 0.1.0…4”…$140

Chilobrachys dyscolus (S. Vietnam Blue) 0.1.0…3”…$95

Hysterocrates gigas 1.1.0… 2.5” - 3”sexed pair…$175

Thrixopelma ockerti…1.2.0…5’’ female - $125, 4” female - $100, 4” suspect male - $60

(get the group for $220)

(2) OBT…2.0.1…4”-3.5”…$30ea

just ask for prices



(2) Vitalius paranaensis…$75

(2)Avicularia sp Ecuador…$100

Chilobrachys dyscolus…$35

(2)Tapinauchenius violaceus…$60


Centruoides gracilis…3i (1/2”)…$15ea

Babycurus jacksoni…3i (1”)…$30ea

Rhopalurus junceus…3i-(1/2”)…$30


Damon diadema…2” leg span…$15

Anadenobolus monilicornis (Jamaican BumbleBee Millipede)…all sizes…2”+ adults…$4, 1”- 2”…$2

Pycnoscelus surinamensis (Surinam Roach)…20 mixed for $5, 100 mixed sizes for $20…


16oz Dwarf White starter culture (20+)…$12

16oz Dwarf White well established culture… (50+)…$20

16oz Dwarf White super size culture (100+)…$35

Dwarf White Isopod Large order…500 - $100!, 1,000 - $150!!

Rough Isopods (bluish/purple in color) Porcellio scaber…12 for $5

Bright Orange Isopods…12 for $10


***substrate is a mix of topsoil, coco fiber, sphagnum moss, bark chips, and leaf litter ***

Shipping:FedEx- 40 overnight, 30 2 day - USPS- $30 overnight, $20 2 day

TOS: LAG is offered with both overnight and 2day delivery. if the animal is either injured or deceased, you must take a photo and send it to 9174344720 or [email protected].


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i have T. plumipes slings and T sp Columbia slings if interested. i also have two sizes of C. sp Sulawesi Black (2.5" and 1.5")

Casey K.

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what dimensions do you have in mind?
Oh I was responding to schoolmans post. He has a beautiful setup and a communal of M. balfouri.....I was trying to sweet talk him out of them, lol....WITH the tarantulas....lol.

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