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Rehousing 13/05/2023


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Malton, UK
Decided that a few little ones needed to be shifted into larger homes along with a couple of bigger slings. All behaved impeccably.
all water bowls have been filled now.

Tliltocati albopilosum Nicaraguan - Miskitos
DSCF6464 (2).JPG

Monocentropus balfouri - Halah
DSCF6467 (2).JPG

Pterinochilus murinus Usambara mountain variant - Ziga
DSCF6468 (2).JPG

And the bigger ones

Phormictopus auratus - Levisa
DSCF6462 (2).JPG

Cyriopagopus minax - Khorat
DSCF6463 (2).JPG

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