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Good morning everyone! I’m new to the forum and currently looking to start my very first T collection. I’ve always had a love of spiders, and my spider experience consisted of various orb weavers, wolf spiders and the occasional cellar spider I would catch and house. I’m finally going to take the plunge and get my first Tarantula. I’ve been looking at grammostolas, P. chalcodes, homoeomma sp red, or possibly a L. Parahybana. GBB’s also look gorgeous as well as an OW M. Balfouri. Almost all of these spiders have been difficult to find at all, or in something bigger than a 1/2” sling. As someone new to the T world, are slings that small really difficult? Should I keep looking for a sling 1” or bigger?


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Hello & welcome to both the hobby & the forum. The Homoeomma sp red is now the Homoeomma chilensis & it is more difficult to find than rocking horse manure, or they are here in the UK. But they do pop up from time to time.

The Lasiodora parahybana is readily available, a lovely & large species & here in the UK cheap to buy.


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Hello and welcome.

Some of the Grammostola species are considered very good starter pets, although they can be somewhat slow growers.

I have been keeping Ts for a little less than two years so I am still fairly new. When I started the recommendation was slings 1+ inches for new keepers and I think that still holds true. That is because smaller ones can be more susceptible.

In my limited experience, my Ts went through a growth spurt after about 2 1/2 inches or so. For me 1 to 1.5 was a great size to start off with.

Since then I have dabbled in smaller Ts about half an inch and really enjoyed that after I got over my worries about them being so small and susceptible.

I keep G. pulchra, G. rosea and G. pulchripes which can be somewhat expensive at 1 inch or so as you have found. Although I think the G. pulchripes can be a bit cheaper.

Hopefully others with experience with other Ts will chime in and offer alternatives that may be more palatable to your budget.

Good luck and enjoy!

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