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Hello, my name is Christine and I'm new here. :3 I have...


Absolutely no tarantulas. XD Yet. For one I have no steady source of income so I cannot afford one at the moment, and I am also the type of person who researches the heck out of an animal before I decide to get one. ><; Hence my being here. I'd like to get a B. smithi or perhaps an A. versicolor (or perhaps both? From the looks of things tarantulas are like chips, you can't have just one. XD) sometime in the near future.

I do have a liiiittle bit of invertebrate experience. I had three pet Madagascar hissing ****roaches that were really neat, and I had a praying mantis for a short period of time (I actually gave her to my biology teacher in exchange for the ****roaches), she was cool. I've also kept various spider species for short periods of time as we got extra credit in my Biology of Insects and Spiders class for collecting them. My favorites were the jumping spiders, such unique, spunky little guys.

So yeah, I look forward to lurking and commenting on threads and being totally envious of all you tarantula owners out there. : P Nice to meet you all!