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  • hey I'm new to turantulas and I want to get into breeding. I just joined this place and don't know if there is one on one messeging,but I saw you and it said you were an active member and I am just asking you if you could help me out.
    Norris, its probably because she is about to molt. I've heared that question a lot and i might make a common questions post. Mine was huge when I got her and she has a almost grown back patch. Hardly queen sorry for false inbox :3
    Hello im superpetguy1 pardon me, but I need some help sexing my terantula. If you're not an expert at this can you tell me who is thanks!
    A very tarantulaish Christmas everyone and a happy new year from me and all the 4 & 8 legged residents here :)
    Could you help me? I posted in big up the rose hairs with some photos of my T because she has a patch on her back I'm worried about. I would just like to know if you've seen anything like this with having them yourself. I would appreciate any help.
    I have a adult female Sri Lanka ornamental for sale $200 dollars she's 6.5 inches very nice and striking colors.I also have a male p.regalis ornamental for sale $75 dollars he is 4.5 inches..I have a orange star burst baboon ornamental Rstunning colors female and she is a spiderling $50 dollars if interested inbox me I'm located in san Diego California south san diego thanx
    Watching pirate moulting keep your fingers crossed for my little pi man please. He is young but moults worry me
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