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H. Vonwirthi


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Outside San Antonio, TX
I've been kicked in the back of the leg, which sent me sliding across the ground. Kicked in the hand, and three fingers turned completely black for weeks. A colt bit me on the shoulder when I was kneeling to check his moms hoof. He was playing. It hurt anyway..I had a herd sour mare try to scrape me off by running into the stable. And once, a plastic bag blown by the wind touched a green broke stallion on the withers and he proceded to go warp 9 around my field until he tired, at which point I got off and walked him back to the round pen. @Shampain ...get a four wheeler brother. Horses are assholes.


Bristol, England
Mine is always underground. Is that the Vietnam Tiger?
Yeah, I believe so. I kept a ‘Vietnamese Earth Tiger’ - as sold by a pet store, years ago. I identified it as Haplopelma vonwirthi at the time, which then became Cyriopagapus vonwirthi I believe, and is now considered a regional colour variant of Cyriopagapus minax if I understand correctly. Lovely spiders, mine was stunning!



(Temporary housing I used to transport it home from the pet store)

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