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Critter Keeper for Arboreal Tarantula?


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I currently have a one-inch Tapinauchenius Violaceus (purple tree spider) sling that I want to move into a bigger home. But the only enclosure I have readily available is a critter keeper that is 5" W, 8" L, and 6" T. Is there a way for me to set up the cage for an arboreal spider? It would definitely have enough height, but it may be too long and too big for the T in general.


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At one inch your sling is possibly still going to still be semi fossorial at least.

5 by 8 inches is not huge for a 1 inch DLS T. I would probably put a couple of inches of substrate in to allow for burrowing if it wants too & a low cork tube with a reasonable circumference that will help to fill that floor space, but allow room for some plant cover & a water bowl. I use artificial ivy which I attach via drilling the bark & hot glueing in place.

With plenty of cover from a tube & plant, your T Violaceus may not feel the need to burrow.


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Critter keeper cages are good but keep in mind they have plenty of ventilation so it will dry out really quick which means you would have to soak the substrate more often but if your room isnt dry then it may not dry as quick

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