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tapinauchenius violaceus

  1. Luckyrab61t

    Critter Keeper for Arboreal Tarantula?

    I currently have a one-inch Tapinauchenius Violaceus (purple tree spider) sling that I want to move into a bigger home. But the only enclosure I have readily available is a critter keeper that is 5" W, 8" L, and 6" T. Is there a way for me to set up the cage for an arboreal spider? It would...
  2. Mr Pipe Cleaner likes his lava lamp

    Mr Pipe Cleaner likes his lava lamp

    MM T. violaceous has been out more as if late, usually at night
  3. Psychedelic Tapi

    Psychedelic Tapi

    He always comes out when we are playing music loudly, typically hard rock, classic rock or hip hop.
  4. ResuemJuli

    Ventral sexing my Tapinauchenius Violaceus

    Hey guys, I had the chance to get some pictures of the underside of my T.Violaceus today. It is my biggest Tarantula atm and i would be very happy if it was a female. I know the Quality is not the best but i still hope that it is enough to at least guess the gender before i get a molt to verify...
  5. Anterior Tapi

    Anterior Tapi

    Looks male to me... Mr. Pipe Cleaner
  6. Ventral Tapi

    Ventral Tapi

    Out after weeks of self-isolation and that epigastric furrow looks pretty horizontal to me
  7. Tapi just chillin

    Tapi just chillin

    I'm seeing this guy/gal out more and more, which is nice. Got a decent glimpse of its abdomen, and coloring