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Good Day Everyone!!

I'm here for a few reasons.

> My partner during the pandemic bought herself a bearded dragon and inspired me to do the same with a tarantula that I had been ogling over.
> A quick internet search determined TarantulaForum as better or 'more kind' than ArachnoBoards, which I've also signed up for but have yet to post anything.
> I am selling my beloved pet tarantula because my mental health isn't doing so well and caring for this tarantula is just not in the cards right now.

So I'll link to my classified when I make it, but for now here's DEX, my Cobalt Blue Tarantula.
Gorgeous, isn't it? Kinda mesmerizing. DEX & I have lived in my little tinyhome for a little over two years now, perhaps even three. They are much older than that, purchased from Aquarium's West in downtown Vancouver. Yeah. I will definitely draw up a classified and link it here when I'm finished.

DM me if you are interested,

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