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  1. T

    About Me!

    Good Day Everyone!! I'm here for a few reasons. > My partner during the pandemic bought herself a bearded dragon and inspired me to do the same with a tarantula that I had been ogling over. > A quick internet search determined TarantulaForum as better or 'more kind' than ArachnoBoards, which...
  2. C versicolor

    C versicolor

    Pretty baby
  3. Blue earth wolf slings

    Blue earth wolf slings

    Cute lil babies. cannot be fed melanogaster. they require true flightless fruitflies (D. hydei). once past the first couple of instars they will accept baby red runners
  4. Blue earth wolf with babies

    Blue earth wolf with babies

    Geolycosa gosoga
  5. S

    help me ventral sex my Pterinopelma sazimai

  6. DeltaVictor

    What am I?

    Tarantula was teal when it was a spider-ling. Now it is 1.5 Years old and also likes to burrow. I lost the film canister that it came in with its scientific name on it because i moved him to a deli container. Now i moved him to a larger container and i would like to correctly adjust the temp...
  7. C

    P Metallic sexing?

    Hi everyone, This is my P. Metallica I’ve had for almost a year, haven’t actually named it yet as I’m unsure on the sex of it, is anyone able to offer their opinion as to what it looks like? Thanks :)