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  1. Mvtt70

    Unboxing 5 Greenbottle Blue slings & Rehousing

    Quick video unboxing 5 C. cyaneopubescens slings and putting them into their new enclosures.
  2. Mvtt70

    Phormictopus auratus "Cuban Bronze" Rehouse Video

    Quick video of me rehousing my juvenile female P. auratus into her new enclosure. One of my favorite species, check it out:D
  3. T

    Rehousing tips?

    Hey guys, after a gravid cricket decided to lay her eggs everywhere my dear old Ts substrate is full wih tiny pinhead crickets. There is a lot... I've tried the water dish to drown, all sorts but I bought a new terrarium last night as dear old thing is not happy at all. So after decideding that...
  4. T

    Oh man... too many baby crickets!

    Hey guys, the new owner who got a cobalt blue a few months ago. Well everything's been going fine, abdomen has bulked out, nice burrow made and regurly drinks etc. However this is the new issue.... I obviously without realising it put a gravid cricket in her tank.... it hid. I thought she got...
  5. Mvtt70

    Caribena versicolor Rehousing Video

    One of my first tarantula videos, even though I have a good-sized collection of 25 specimens. Hopefully I'll keep some good content coming, I'd like to do a feeding video next.