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Hey guys, after a gravid cricket decided to lay her eggs everywhere my dear old Ts substrate is full wih tiny pinhead crickets. There is a lot... I've tried the water dish to drown, all sorts but I bought a new terrarium last night as dear old thing is not happy at all. So after decideding that no matter what I'll probably have to remove the spider one way or another so I think I might aswell rehouse.
However.. . She's a cobalt blue. Any rehousing tips from you hobbyists/professionals.
If I get it slightly wrong she will be somewhere I don't want her to be!


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The safest way is probably to do the rehouse in the bath, making sure plugholes and overflows are blocked. Keep all movements slow and gentle to avoid the T panicking. Use a soft brush to urge your T into the open and drop a catch cup over it and then slide a piece of thin card or paper under the T and catch cup and transfer to the new container.

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