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  1. S

    Post-moult GBB isn't eating, over 21 days later?

    Please excuse me as I'm still fairly new to the hobby, and this is my first tarantula. It's a juvenile GBB of undetermined sex. I've tried feeding it once a week post-moult, but so far - it has expressed no interest, with the exception of semi-grabbing a roach. I've also tried feeding it...
  2. O philippinus after molt

    O philippinus after molt

    Looking fresh!
  3. Choppalop

    Brazilian black after Molt!

  4. Pterinopelma sazimai - adult female

    Pterinopelma sazimai - adult female

  5. A

    Unsexed Avic Avic Pedipalps Turned Grey After Molt...?

    So as a new tarantula hobbyist I purchased my first tarantula, an unsexed Avicularia Avicularia, from a retail pet chain about 6 months ago and we've been doing great! Eating, webbing, everything is going smoothly until we had a very long and tiring pre-molt. My avic protested food for a month...
  6. Jacqueline King

    Help! I fed my avic. metallica directly after her molt!

    I was just feeding my avic metallica a small roach and accidentally dropped it in her web & when I looked in I realized there was a fresh molt in there! I panicked because I know if she attempts to eat before her fangs harden, that could be potentially fatal. Her web is shaped kind of like a...