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  1. Mugsy

    Advice on keeping P. Regalis communal

    I just bought 2x p.regalis slings and I need advice on how to care for them and how often do I feed them.
  2. martiannova

    Finally got a pokie!!

    I took the plunge today and got a p. vittata, mostly by chance. I wasn’t planning on getting one for a while ( I was actually looking for a sun tiger on the rec of some more experienced keepers) when I found a 2" vittata for less than 80 at a reptile show, and I couldn’t say no (they’re banning...
  3. D

    Please help me on this peeps! P. Metallica

    About 3” size. M or F? ✌
  4. D

    Need some experts to help ventral sexing!

    P. Regalis about 4”
  5. 0.1 P. regalis

    0.1 P. regalis

    P. regalis female I just received today.
  6. Mvtt70

    P. ornata AF enclosure

    Permanent enclosure for my P. ornata female I got yesterday.
  7. P. ornata female

    P. ornata female

    P. ornata ~6.5" female I received today, hard to get a photo through the glass enclosure but I managed to get this somewhat not horrible shot.
  8. 0.0.1 P. metallica

    0.0.1 P. metallica

    One of my two P. metallica slings has been eating VERY well... Let's hope a molt is coming soon lol
  9. VladRep

    US Poecilotheria formosa

    Poecilotheria formosa 1" slings (4th instar) $45 each 3 for $120 PM me for a shipping quote. https://www.facebook.com/VikingInverts/ --> reviews here
  10. Poecilotheriafan24

    Poecilotheria Metallica

    This girl finally moulted, arguably the prettiest of the species. She comes with a temper, but stunningly gorgeous!
  11. The Spider Collector

    Poecilotheria smithi

    Hi guys I have a mature female Poecilotheria smithi but can't seem to find a mature male?
  12. Avicularia Kael

    Poecilotheria regalis questions

    Hi guys! Here are my questions: 1. Would this be a good 2nd old world? 2. How easy is care? 3. Aggressiveness? 4. I have heard P. species are venomous, is this true? If so, how venomous?
  13. Solsurfer

    P.regalis cohab pairing separation timing?

    Ive had 2 p.regalis cohabitating for a week or so for breeding. The male has made 2 sperm webs at least since they've been together. At what point should I separate them to do the mock drought/monsoon seasons to entice the female to produce an eggsac? Or should I keep them together until she...
  14. Logan D

    US Looking for a p.subfusca

    Like for ether a female or unsexed 3in or bigger
  15. Z

    US Fresh Mature male P. Tigrinawesseli for trade or sale

    I just had my p. Tigrinawesseli molt out into a mature male almost a week ago. He is already spinning sperm webs and he is close to 7in. I do not have a female for him so I am looking to trade or sell him unless I come across a female for him. I am willing to trade for Poecilotheria species or...
  16. KAZ10Z

    US Female Poecilotheria Metallica & Poecilotheria Hanumavilasumica

    Hello, My 2 favorite Pokies are for sale. Both these species are confirmed female and are the only 2 Pokies on the critically endangered list. 1 x Poecilotheria Metallica (Gooty Sapphire Ornamental) 4" - $350 1 x Poecilotheria Hanumavilasumica (Rameshwaram Ornamental) 4" - $350 Cost of...
  17. Vial Creatures

    US FREE SHIPPING mm/mf/slings

    VIAL CREATURES ::of the Hairy Mob District:: Freebie Options Pumpkin Patch || P regalis FREE SHIPPING @ $75 and up. Place your order by 6.13.18 Not to discriminate, though some restrictions MAY apply to zip codes beginning with 33-34, 75-79, 85-92. Please inquire...
  18. Reptilian Nation Expo


    Largest reptile event to ever hit Las Vegas. Our 3rd event will be bigger and better than the previous!! 1000s of Reptiles, Amphibians, Arachnids and Supplies for Sale.. 60+ Breeders/Vendors. Venomous Snakes Shows and Exhibits (Exotic and Local NV). DATES/TIMES September 15, 2018...