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phidippus johnsoni

  1. vakusdrake

    US Captive Reared Albuquerque slings: Phidippus Johnsoni, and Phidippus Carneus slings for $20 as well as older Phidippus Comatus slings for $25.

    The pregnant mothers were caught locally in Albuquerque. The slings were born in captivity and start losing their instinctive fear of people pretty quickly, such that the oldest Phidippus Comatus slings have no fear of humans and like to use my hand as a jungle gym. I made a free wiz website...
  2. Phidippus johnsoni 'gold'

    Phidippus johnsoni 'gold'

    This specimen's population is quite distinct and is from an isolated area.
  3. Phidippus johnsoni 'sierran redback'

    Phidippus johnsoni 'sierran redback'

    A beautiful morph of Johnsoni with white cardiac markings and large white anterior stripe on the abdomen. i grabbed 8 of 'em- i would like to cross these guys with other johnsoni morphs.
  4. MBullock

    US Jumping Spiders (current list- 8/15/22)

    More jumpers available, now! Total order minus shipping cost must be $40 at least! Phidippus aureus- 'Gold Jumper' *NEW-RARE!* - $100.00 adult female (CB slings coming VERY soon!) Phidippus nikites- 'Victory jumper' 'Mojave form'- $65.00 unsexed immatures Phidippus apacheanus- 'Apache...
  5. Phidippus johnsoni

    Phidippus johnsoni

    Tiny little 3rd instar sling