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More jumpers available, now!

Total order minus shipping cost must be $40 at least!

Phidippus aureus
- 'Gold Jumper' *NEW-RARE!* - $100.00 adult female (CB slings coming VERY soon!)
Phidippus nikites- 'Victory jumper' 'Mojave form'- $65.00 unsexed immatures
Phidippus apacheanus- 'Apache Jumper' Cochise form unsexed immatures- $55.00 ea
Phidippus comatus
- 'Hairy tufted jumper' unsexed immatures- $55.00 ea
Phidippus johnson
i- 'Redback jumper' unsexed immatures- $45.00 ea
Phidippus californicus 'California jumper' (mother pictured) Mohave form CB slings- $60.00 ea
Phidippus audax
'Bold jumper' CB slings- $20.00 ea
Habronattus signatus 'Signed jumper'
unsexed juveniles- $20 ea
Metaphidippus chera
'Dear jumper' unsexed juveniles- $20


All sales are final unless DOA occurs, in which case a replacement will be sent to you, or you will be refunded. (you must pay shipping)
I cannot refund you the shipping cost, only reimbursement or replacement of the deceased specimen(s)
Unboxing video required for LAG. NO EXCEPTIONS. Everyone has a phone capable of video, no excuses will be accepted!

Shipping is done via FedEx priority overnight only and costs $50-55 but may be higher depending on box size and weight.

Most boxes i pack in are 6x6x6

LAG 'Live-Animal-Guarantee' All specimens are guaranteed to arrive alive or you will either be reimbursed minus shipping costs or your specimen will be replaced (you must pay shipping) You must report DOA within after 5 hours of the estimated delivery time. Failure to report the DOA within this time-frame voids any responsibility i have for reimbursement or refund. Failure to provide unboxing video (you MUST record yourself breaking the seal- No excuses!) also voids aforementioned responsibilities listed above.


A deposit of 50% of the total cost of items you wish held for you is REQUIRED You will be refunded this deposit if you purchase the item.

I collect EVERYTHING myself, and this costs me time and money. Asking me to hold anything will cause me to not respond.

TRADES: I do not accept trades.


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Current location is Anaheim, CA! The Arizona location listed is because I'm in the process of moving!
Thanks for your time! :)