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old world

  1. D

    Old-world not eating

    On either the 15th or the 16th of December, I got a few more Ts to add to my collection, and one of them happened to be my first old-world, a female Cameroon Rust Baboon (Hysterocrates gigas). Evidently I'm aware of how aggressive and stubborn they are, as well as how reclusive their nature is...
  2. Telle Saying Hi!

    Telle Saying Hi!

    Telle is a stromatopelma calceatum and dubbed my forever sling. She's growing so much slower, it's painful. Other than that, a giant treat to see her out. Must have missed her border patrol.
  3. martiannova

    Moving on from beginner species?

    I've only dabbled in terrestrials so far, and typically only new worlds on the "easy" list (curly hairs, golden knees, etc). When do you know you're ready for the jump into intermediate or more "dangerous" tarantulas? I eventually want ornamental breeds, but after reading an entire thread about...
  4. KAZ10Z

    US Female Poecilotheria Metallica & Poecilotheria Hanumavilasumica

    Hello, My 2 favorite Pokies are for sale. Both these species are confirmed female and are the only 2 Pokies on the critically endangered list. 1 x Poecilotheria Metallica (Gooty Sapphire Ornamental) 4" - $350 1 x Poecilotheria Hanumavilasumica (Rameshwaram Ornamental) 4" - $350 Cost of...