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not eating

  1. A

    Help! sling is not eating

    So I have recently purchased two G. pulchra slings and they arrived one week ago. I have never owned tarantulas before so I am new to this. Anyways, one of them has already eaten two mealworms but one of my slings just won't eat. Does it still need time to adjust to the new environment. I really...
  2. G

    Brachypelma Albopilosum Not Eating

    Hello everyone! I’m new to the forum so please leave any comments if I am doing anything wrong. I purchased a Curly hair Tarantula sling around the beginning of January, I have fed her twice since then with two Blatta Lateralis (Turk Roaches), she ate perfectly both times, after that she...
  3. C

    2 Legs Lost

    So my Chaco Golden Knee was bought by us with 2 missing legs but we didn't notice until recently. After calling the petstore, they assures us the legs would grow back after a couple of molts, usable buy smaller. I believed that and other owners saying it was no big deal, but I recently went to...
  4. Tara Hamrick

    Should I be worried?

    I have a 6 year old Chilean Rose Hair named Elise. I'm a textbook overthinker so I may be worried for nothing but I'd like another opinion. She has recently stopped eating, has spread a thick layer of web along the entire surface area of the substrate in her enclosure, and has been picking up...
  5. N

    Juvenile B. Hamorii not eating... how long can it go without food? possible premolt?

    Last time my T ate was 16 days ago. Before that, it went for a whole month without food. Its abdomen seems fine, I don't think it has lost weight. I mean I know it's normal but since it's my first and only T I don't have much personal experience. Also, he/she's a huuge hair kicker. Like, it's...
  6. Tom

    Help with my Chilean Rose hair

    Hi my names Tom. I'm new to all this Tarantula stuff and was wondering you guys could help me out. I recently purchased my Chilean rose hair last friday 6th october and I'm not sure how old she is? I've attached some photos so you can all see. Also, I don't know if her/his enclosure is to big...
  7. Slapmygoat

    GBB sling not eating

    Hi everyone ! :) As a big fan of spiders, I purchased my first one (GBB sling) on spiderworld.eu But here's my source of worries. When she arrived, she was already in premolt and then she molted the following day (sunday). The thing is that we're thursday and she's still not webbing around...
  8. S

    My Trantulas arent eating

    I have two Rose Hairs, one male close to adult or possibly already there, and one adult female aged about 8 years. Neither of them have eaten in months, probably around 3 or 4. I dont think the female is going to molt, she doesnt seem darker or anything, and the male molted in October of last...