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Brachypelma Albopilosum Not Eating

Giorgio Pesto

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Knysna, South Africa
Hello everyone! I’m new to the forum so please leave any comments if I am doing anything wrong.

I purchased a Curly hair Tarantula sling around the beginning of January, I have fed her twice since then with two Blatta Lateralis (Turk Roaches), she ate perfectly both times, after that she molted and hasn’t eaten since, the molt was to my knowledge good, but I can’t get her to eat ever since.

Do you have any suggestions? I am a new Tarantula keeper and I appreciate any advice given.

The enclosure is a plastic tuppaware enclosure, with spider peat and coco fiber and a small wood chip hide, she has burrowed and has many burrows in the enclosure, I think the humidity is on point but I am not certain.

Attached are images of her.

Thank you!


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The Oregon rain forest
I'd get it out of that substrate first. Get some fine ground coco fiber. That stuff looks like it could be rough to climb around on for a little guy. A water dish or moss would help too...one less thing to worry about.


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Dallas Texas
How long since it molted? I have had mine molt, open their hide a week later just to seal it back up again without eating. If its abdomen is plump don't worry. Keep water available. They can go months without eating. Anything that can hold a few drops of water will work for a bowl. Legos, blister packages for pills(rinse thoroughly), tattoo ink cups, small Petri dishes, let your imagination run wild.

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